Celebrity Photos - pg.1

This section reveals some of the celebrities shot in Denver by Agent Mondo mostly in impromptu situations.

Lux Interior of the Cramps,
homeboy from Akron

Elvira, I simply must have you!

David Bowie in Denver, 1995

I'm standing at Broadway and Colfax with my camera, wondering where I can find my next fetish model when all of a sudden Jesus comes walking up the street wearing a diaper, all covered with blood, being subjected to some old fashioned police brutality. Eureka!

The red-eye reduction feature on my camera failed when patron saint of the Modern Drunkard movement, Russian President Boris Yeltsin emerged from Embassy Suites hotel during the G7 Economic Summit in Denver, 1997.
Celebrities Shown:

David Bowie
Raymond Burr
Pres. Jacque Chirac
Pres. Bill Clinton
Woody Harrelson
Pope John Paul II
Lux Interior
Annie Leibovits
Jerry Lewis
Yoko Ono
Iggy Pop
Leon Redbone
Robert Redford
Arnold Shwarzenegger
Bono Vox
John Waters
Boris Yeltsin

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