Celebrity Photos - pg.2

Young Bono Vox signing autographs at Westin Hotel, Denver, 1987.

Some down and out fellow hanging out drinking sauce from an open container on the edge while Bono signed autos. I offered him a pair of decent trousers and a buck for a warm cup of joe.

Elvira, sensing that Agent Mondo is a warm and sensitive guy, opens up for the camera. My heart is aflutter.

Jacque Chirac, President of France, presses the flesh with a few stupid Americans and smiles brightly for the economic future of his nation after learning that US President Clinton eats French fries. Westin Hotel, Denver, 1997.

John and Bill share an umbrella in the rain. John is thinking about Jesus while Bill is pondering a top secret assignment for White House intern Monica. Arrival of Pope at Combs Field, Stapleton Airport, for World Youth Day in Denver, 1993 August 12.

Arnold laughs when I tell him how big mine is. Tattered Cover bookstore, Denver 1993.
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