As used in counterculture-speak the word means non-mainstream in style, lifestyle or choices. Sometime as far back as the 1960s the term alternative was used among subculture types to denote options that were organic, hip or sexy as opposed to being establishmentarian or square. However the term is now heavily over-used. In fact so much of the so-called "underground" and "counterculture" is so institutionalized that a vast segment of the "alternative" market, including fashions, is bought and sold by people with no concept of rebellion nor any artistic vision except that which is available in the bourgoise mall rat infested middle class and the cult of self-worship or hedonism. The word "alternative" thus has been watered down and essentially denotes conformity with safe standards of nonconformity.

In common usage alternative is more about style than substance. It denotes those trends that have been securely procured by middle class consumer cliques who insist they know what is hip because they read about it or heard it on Clear Channel. All generations suffer the same washout as hip capitalism makes "cool" things available to square conformists. "Alternative" is just another diluted word that says just about nothing. Based on these observations, Mondo Models is a "no-alternative" talent resource. We're sick of the word. It's dead.

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