art crimes, (slang)
artistic actions, works or statements that defy comfortable conventions or "push the envelope" ideally in order to serve the higher purpose of forcing or affecting change within subculture and culture at large. Some art crimes however serve no altruistic purpose except to break down or weaken repressive authority or they simply are done to seek selfish cult infamy. The phrase "art crime" has been applied variously by assorted sources as a form of slang to mean things that may or may not be violations of actual law. The gist of art crime is defiance to a higher degree than common forms of "alternative" art/style/entertainment or its endless plagiarism.

Art criminals, in the slang vernacular, have done everything from guitar felatio and plaster casting in the 1960s to making Virgin Mary art out of elephant dung. Regardless that no harm may be caused, such artists draw the attention of prudes outside and even within "alternative" culture so that much controversy and debate is brought to life among subculture afficionados, fashionistas, record buyers, art circuits and hip capitalist boutiques. While the ideal art criminal is often technically found to be obscene, few true art criminals would propose that obscenity is inherently art. Some of us are actually bored by the use of obscenity by poseurs in all genres.

"Art crimes" in their ideal forms often serve a vital philosophical cause. Take for example: Our Republican government has proposed that we build nuclear bunker busters (hydrogen bombs) hundreds of times more powerful than the cruise missles that they used in the Iraq air war of 2003. If Agent Mondo were to sneak into a nuclear bomb factory with a fetish model on a hot July night and chain her sweaty body to one of these "fat boy" bombs on the assembly line and then photograph her (as if such a thing could be done), then Agent Mondo could get arrested for betraying government secrets. But the art behind it all would be to connect female sexuality with these big nuclear "dildos" that insecure Repulicans are using to attain godlike virility through economic, military and political phallic projection.

You may think what an art criminal does is stupid. But in fact art criminals of many kinds have often been on the cutting edge of intellectual, sexual and social freedom. Remember this is obscure subculture vernacular. But there is an art crimes revolution going on in many major cities and in corners of the hinterlands. This is relevant to modeling because models are increasingly used to visualize all manner of defiance toward apathetic "alternativism" and the larger world of prudes who seek to clamp down on "moral decay" as a vicarious means to avoid mirrors revealing their own pasty white asses.

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