cruelty free
derived without inflicting pain, discomfort, stress or hideous scientific testing upon animals or depriving them of life. In the fashion and cosmetic industries, the term "cruelty-free" has become quite huge, even penetrating mainstream markets.

Ironically, the term cruelty-free is occasionally applied even to such things as leather in order to water down the gist of cruelty-free intent as expressed by animal rights proponents. For example you may hear advertising statements like "Our leather is derived from free range cows who live bucolic lives on green pastures without being branded or tested." Then of course they are butchered. Animal rights advocates such as PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) have made giant strides in publicizing the true depths of animal suffering that results not only from using leather and fur in fashion but also from suffering inflicted by lesser known cruelties like rabbit draize testing for cosmetic ingredients.

Cruelty-free fashion preference is by no means a majority sentiment within conventional counterculture. It is a counterculture unto itself. Nonetheless it is important and significant. Vain forms of hedonism, which are unfortunately a huge part of fashion subculture, often disdain the slightest notion of cruelty-free fashion and fail to acknowledge that it has any artistic reference point. Conversely many "art romantics" embrace cruelty-free as an extension of their love and beauty to all creatures. I would suggest that vandals who have splashed red paint upon fur-wearing ice queens are true art criminals even though I do not advocate that hostile kind of protest. It reinforces hard attitudes. And when fur is destroyed it tends to lead to added slaughter when the insurance company or sugar daddy replaces it.

See also: vegan fashions.

Incidentally, Mondo Models may permit our models to wear leather but only on a limited basis and with our disclaimer. We will specifically endeavor to advocate non-leather alternatives and cruelty-free fashions. As part of our mischief, we hope someday to do some photo shoots that give a vividly bloody and surreal image to the vanity of wearing fur and leather. But unlike many folks in the green movement, we have no desire to be saints. Agent Mondo is simply a lover of animals.

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