drag king
a female who performs as a male, usually with style and flambouyance. Drag kings are still a tiny fringe mostly from gay society. Their limited visibily ascended from the mid 1990s especially in New York and San Francisco. But these gender criminals may become a significant influence on general counterculture fashion and style if they aren't already. There are now quite a number of internationally known kings including Dred King in New York and Bridge Markland in Berlin. Long before drag kings there was female androgyny in the form of the swaggering rocker Patti Smith ("G-L-O-R-I-A"), Marlene Dietrich, and Annie Lennox. Drag kings are taking it to a new level with a more blatantly calculated male look and style. Some drag kings do the king thing as a visual statement without going onstage. Most are lesbians or gender rebels. Some drag kings are hetero women just experimenting to discover the male experience. You can expect to see a slow increase in drag king visual influence especially on the rock stage and in art house films through generations to come.

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