a feminine woman whose beauty is deeply connected to the best of nature as well as its ethereal and spiritual qualities. The term goddess has been much abused within topics of fashion and lifestyle at least since the early 1990s as an outcrop of feminism in varied forms. In much of today's counterculture the term often seems to be a self applied label to just about any woman who feels distraught with the screwed up order of male dominated civilization. The term gained counterculture momentum from the 1960s in association with newly liberated interest in magic, paganism and assorted feminist high philosophies going back thousands of years. By Webster definition a goddess is "1. a female god" or "2. a woman whose great charm or beauty arouses adoration". I submit that the second Webster definition is merely an outgrowth of the first.

The significance of today's Goddess ideology should not be underestimated within counterculture precisely because she represents everything not only to well-reasoned feminist values but equally important, she is the ethereal and spiritual center for many art romantics both male and female. She is the muse, the wandering spirit, the eternal mother, the poet's divine inspiration. (Some would even insist these terms be capitalized in reverence but I am speaking poetically and deferring to common secular objectivity). Students of philosophy know "the Goddess" is described in unlimited terms. The philosophical significance of the Goddess concept within today's vastly screwed up world is tremenduously significant mostly because that concept has been suppressed by patriarchal preeminence in recent millenniums through war and female exclusion and minimization in society and politics and much else.

To all but the blind and ignorant masses, the Goddess is once again central to intellectualism, philosophy and art, not so much as a token of ridiculous worship as in the case of Mister God, but more as a driving and central force of love, mercy and beauty. But let's get back down to Madison Avenue. In the plastic world of beauty any woman can call herself a goddess, any man a god. This would apply even if she is a self worshipping hedonist ice queen wearing ungodly amounts of Dow chemicals, fur, leather and polyester. She can inject herself with botox, have plastic surgery, eat huge piles of meat, drink pisswater beer and gallons of caffeine, take all manner of pharmaceutical drugs, and chain smoke Phillip Morris into new levels of wealth. But to the art romantic, the goddess among us is not your common mortal beauty living a plastic lifestyle. She is rather someone whose dreams and expressions relate to nature as a divine force even if she is a city girl or an old woman. This genuine goddess is vitally important to the art underground even though her number is small. And even here she has been much excluded. Without this goddess nothing is female and all maleness is futile. Beauty does not even exist.

In terms of style, fashion, modelling and film, the human goddess needs to be portrayed more often, more deeply and with timeless ethereal awareness, not like a cheap perfume commercial with fake French pronunciation.

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