gothic, (aka: goth)
the lifestyle and art subculture incorporating a particular stylistic and philosophical attention to death as it defines our existence as mortals. Goth culture, often mistunderstood and maligned, has long been a vibrant underground institution in music, fashion, film, art and literature. Goth's beginnings are often attributed to Peter Murphy. Indeed Agent Mondo, a prolific writer of goth songs, poems and a literary piece in progress, was deeply influenced by Murphy singing Undead in the film The Hunger in the 1980s. But goth's roots go back thousands of years. Gothic by definition is an ascetic and stark state of being, a penance if you will, a state of mind, a way of thought. Goth is an ethereal world of haunting beauty while poseurs often think it is merely about fetish and horror alone. Oh sure, these themes are vital, but true goth is a blessed institution of surrealism, a world where eccentricities of mind are brought to full play for the sake of appreciating that which flows through us. Although many hedonist infiltrators would deny it, goth is truly a most spiritual and divine thing, especially in exquisite goth music.

The hedonists would also tell you that goth fashion is the center of goth culture. This is bunk. Goth fashions are merely the sometimes beautific outer decoration of the goth soul who I feel safe to say is an art romantic and often an art criminal. Gothic fashion and goth photo art have a diversity of sub-themes and levels. Most goths wear black almost exclusively. But deep purple, red or even white have some validity when applied with judicious attention to meaningful display. Vampirism is a heavy theme in goth culture for its artistic treatment of our mortal condition. And while Bram's vampire is a rabid creature, no true goth would forget that even such a horrid being clings not merely to life and the river of blood but also to life's deepest beauty. I submit that goth culture is not so much about the central metaphor of death, it is about our profoundly deep reverence for life. Indeed, like most surrealists, the goth finds in life both astonishment and woundrous awe by removing oneself from the institutions of conventional reality in favor of a stylistically applied high philosophy within a cult of unfathomable awareness. Granted most goths are simply enchanted by the music. But true goths are entranced by its meaning. Then there is goth modeling.

The goth model is ideally a devoted goth with visual talent capable of projecting the goth condition. That of course would be the condition of mortality or sense of immortality in all of its beautific facial and bodily expression. The goth model can be used to sell goth clothing. But the ideal artistic environment for the goth model is in high photo art.

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