haute couture - (pronounced "awt-koo-teer")
the French term for high fashion representing a broad class of refined, often unique singular or limited edition pieces. In most cases fashions that could be categorized as haute couture have nothing to do with counterculture except one thing: In many instances haute couture fashions represent flights of fancy that are simply out of this world. Granted, high fashion covers a lot of ground and most of it is targeted to the moneyed classes, not to us who call ourselves art bums and art criminals. However some forms of high fashion design include articles of clothing that are one-of-a-kind works of art. Many high fashion designs are made for stage performance. Some of these designs have a close relationship to theater by virtue of being flambouyantly dramatic or costume-like. And while many haute couture designs are created for stuffy gold digging primadonnas, many others are actually quite fantastical and surrealist in nature. Thus there is sometimes a blurry line between this world and some of the styles invented by leading fashion criminals.

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