ice queen (slang)
in fashion and style, a self-worshipping cold woman. I first heard this word used by New York's witty TV fashion commentator Steven Cojocaru. The term might seem trivial except for the fact that ice queens became a stock prototype of Madison Avenue by the 1990s as reflected on the covers of many mainstream fashion magazines month after month year after year. This might be most apparent where career wear, casual wear or nightclubbing designs were the product. The prototype at times became so ridiculous that ice queens have occasionally looked like battle tanks glazed with buckets of makeup wearing masculine uniforms out of polyester nightmares. (There is often a male counterpart to these.) The ice queen is essentially the epitome of the greed infested, pasty white, upwardly mobile and heavily materialist consumer values of the 1990s.

We who have artistic, human and romantic sensibilities or deeper human values tend to laugh or cry inside when we see someone who follows the preposterous style of the mass produced ice queen. No real truly visionary nor artistic human being would want to be her, nor be with her. She is a pity and a massively cloned monotony. But what is more significant is how the ice queen became a false representation of female freedom and feminism by means of demonstrating privelege and power snobbishly. The ice queen has also had much crossover by absorbing counterculture syle at times, thereby achieving the hedonism and self worship that the 1990s embodied more than any other recent decade. The ice queen is dead. No wait, she's still around, she's undead.

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