pulp, (slang)
Much of the art underground got its start in the form of cheap detective magazines, comic books and slutty housewife stories published mainly from the 1920s to the 1960s amidst countless struggles against censorship even before there was rock and roll. This art form became known as "pulp" because it was typically printed on cheap, soft pulpy paper. Pulp was usually illustrated by artist sketches and sensational photos vividly depicting sex and violence although there were limits on what kind of sex could be displayed. Pulp's purpose was to shock ordinary people, many of whom enjoyed suspense and drama involving deranged criminals and hardboiled detectives. Some pulp was devoted exclusively to sexual escapades and the now vintage libidos of those times. It was an art form that delivered us to the souls of miscreants including murderers and monsters who ate cities. In the 1950s and 60s pulp was huge. Limited forms of it were available even at small wooden grocery stores. Today pulp is merely a fringe remnant kept alive largely by collectors, afficionados and historians. Models who understand pulp sometimes make - you guessed it - good pulp models. Pulp is an art crime that deserves to be revisualized in retro photo art.

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