punk (aka: punk rock)
the quintessential and diverse fashion statement of punk rockers. Starting in the 1970s punk rock immortalized a fashion style out of nothing. Punk rock started with the likes of the Sex Pistols and Clash among disaffected often-alcoholic kids in the working class cities of Britain. Next thing you know, middle class snots and rich brats in America were punking to the scene and every local neighborhood had a poseur band that screeched indecipherable words just like Black Flag's Henry Rollins.

Best I understand it, the mission statement of original punk rock was to steal musical instruments from lame musicians and bring back street fighting, and primitive sex. Punk rock was born when some rotten kid in a limey basement got royally pissed about hearing Neil Sedaka sing "Calendar Girl" for the millionth time on local radio. The 1970s were in fact getting really boring as much of rock became a lame ass cocaine thing. Punk's founding mother-fuckers and teen mothers observed that rock music had its own phony-assed hegemonic structure that denied stage presence to energetic upstarts who often could not afford musical instruments, much less recording sessions. Original punkers got around by skateboards and ratty looking automobiles.

Punk fashions were not really sold in stores until punk became a slightly more middle class teenage adventure. Original punkers made jewelry from found objects including diaper pins which they wore in their noses or ears and assorted chains and ripped clothing. Punks immortalized a wide variety of mohawk hairdos with all manner of colors and spikes. I seem to recall that New York fashion designer Viviene Westwood was greatly responsible for turning punk style into a fashion product. The significance of punk rock style is multifaceted. For one thing it was originally represented by misfits, art criminals and young broken glass masochists like Ann Arbor-Detroit's Iggy Pop who previously lived in a trailer court and worked at Discount Records and joyrided in hot rental cars. Another significance of punk is that it had a ripple effect influencing other forms of underground music and style. And here we are decades later and many teens are calling themselves punk rockers and still making the music that made Bethoven roll over in his grave one more time.

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footnote: When punk rock started in the 1970s geezard assed Agent Mondo was in his 20s living in Boulder, Colorado where hardly a trace of the culture was the slightest bit visible. Agent Mondo never joined the thriving scene at age 32 when he moved to Denver's punk infested Capitol Hill in 1984. But he had a dalliance with a punk girlfriend, then 19, whom he remained friends with for many years. He went to a punk show here and there and listened to punk on Boulder's KGNU while living in Denver. It was not until Mondo was in his forties that he discovered the joy of slamdancing.

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