sweat shop
an apparel production environment that routinely exploits its workers by subjecting them to harsh conditions. Most of us came to beleive that all of this occured only in bygone eras. But secretive sweatshops have been found in recent years in some number even in New York where firms have been found to be using illegal immigrants under slave-like conditions.

American fashions are manufactured in many foreign lands where sweatshops may be more common. Protest against sweatshops has received celebrity endorsement and much coverage in counterculture media. The topic of sweatshops is often quite boring to those of us who call ourselves hip. But sweat shop patronage helps to isolate the American artistic vision by painting a cruel picture of a nation of consumers who care about nothing except ourselves, even within the counterculture. Genuine revolutions of art and philosophy are international or better yet have no political borders. Thus Mondo Models embraces the right to fair labor conditions globally for both humanitarian and artistic reasons.

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