Unusual Fashion Shows
Of the Past or Recent (new section)

Occasionally, not often, Agent Mondo drops in on a fashion show if it seems a good bit more than unusual. This new section will highlight some Mondo photography at local fashion shows around the Denver area. The purpose here is not to keep up on shows or trends. But rather, it is to highlight some of the more uncommon fashion diversity in the Mondo tradition of defying Madison Avenue. And of course we also wish to defy the boring portion of the fashion underground by presenting refreshing things we've seen.

Godswear fashion show, Sunday June 20, 2004

One of the first fashion shows highlighted here is the Godswear fashion show from back in 2004. Our images show some unusual and interesting styles. The theme was pagan and affiliated with a mystical shop called SpiritWays. Agent Mondo is pretty much an informal but serious pagan nature woshipper. We may also show some old stuff from Denver's once-upon-a-time UZI fashion shows back in the 1990s and some Colorado Dark Arts Festival runway shoots of recent years..

footnote: The models shown in these fashion photos are not Mondo models unless so indicated. Generally the models work for the persons who put on the shows. Mondo Models will endeavor to indicate the names of models if we have their names on file at time of posting images or later. Photography and digital optimization done by Agent Mondo.

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