Statuary and Mannequin Art
photographed by Agent Mondo
the exquisite "Love" fountain at City Park.

Statuary and mannequin art have been an occasional part of Agent Mondo's photo passion. This section will feature a few scenes of attractive mannequin art and statuary from around Denver.


Some years back I came across some artful mannequin displays at Squid Clothing on East Colfax in Denver. The owner, Jose Duran, an alumni of Denver fetish pioneer UZI fashions a few blocks away, moved to New York to study fashion design. (The UZI folks also moved to New York.) Later I also ran across a rather nifty mannequin display at Imi Jimi clothing. One of these may also appear here soon.
These images are presented as examples of Agent Mondo's photographic experience. The greater credit goes to the artists who created these statues and mannequin displays.

More statuary and mannequin art photos coming later!

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