Misc. Photography - page one
Most subjects shown are Denver locals

Most of the persons shown on this page have modelled for Agent Mondo years before Mondo Models was conceived. In many cases they have moved or are no longer in touch.

Model: Sarah G.

Mondo Models is seeking new models of unusual specification who wish to seek local paid modelling assignments for fashion boutiques, hair salons, photographers, counter culture magazines and any other commercial endeavor. Mondo will build FREE online portfolios here inside our web site for any models who meet our specifications.

Colfax cutie captured by Agent Mondo's telephoto.
ca. 1994.

Mondo Models will present some of Agent Mondo's candid drag photography (and spy shots) soon including some good local Hedwig immitators.
Impromptu Mondo Model Justine P. does the 1920s flapper look on East Colfax Avenue. ca. 1994.
(More of Justine's session later)

Sarah brings on locomotive power.

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