About Mondo Models

Mondo Models was born in the mad rush of the "art crimes" revolution to destroy the old conventional order and replace it with artistic anarchy.

In the conventional order of media power now being eaten alive, models, movie stars, and actors, by and large, have long been given the role of being our cultural representatives. They do our living as we come home from meaningless careers to turn on our television sets or play records. They are the heroes we pay to live their animated thrilling lives on camera as opposed to the obscurity and dullness of our silent frustrations. Each night we fall dead to our beds, then rise in the morning to the jarring of our alarm clocks, the traffic, the noise, the maximum security prison of our uncountable gray days like undead zombies. Unless of course you refuse to assume the position.

Our superstars, the models we see on television, the feet we lick, the scandals we catalog, the whole of Hollywood Babylon, the fashions we buy, this is the culture that defines who most of us are by way of defining who we wish to be. Even much of what we call "art" is nothing but a scheme to please, to achieve meaningless fame, to get some cash, to impress the system of patronage.

Art at its best is that brilliant commodity that proclaims the joy of oddity or an unseen beauty hidden behind it all. In contrast, dullness and obscurity are the driving forces that set the artist against a crucible where works are born of sweat, rebellion and genius.

Art Crimes and the Star Machine
Mondo is dedicated to the Andy Warhol concept that ordinary people are stars in their own right especially if they are beautiful in a weird way, artistic in defiance of convention, and perhaps photogenic. Warhol exclaimed that we are who we think we are. For such a notion to be lucid and credible we must make it so.

The so-called "star machine" has long overlooked auditioners who cannot sell soap for Madison Avenue. In other words, the advertising industry has a great deal to say about what can be shown on TV or printed in a magazine since many publishers are loathe to offend their patrons and venture capital angels. Even so, theme culture and publishing have been undergoing an increasing revolution in diversity since the 1980s. Today publishing empires still rule the roost. But their kingdom is being decimated by a wide range of exquisite counter culture and pop "trash".

As long as there have been art movements there have been "art crimes" dedicated to spoofing the hype of these movements. This was evident more than a century ago when a paint brush was tied to the tail of a donkey in Paris and the resulting painting commanded a high price from art buyers who thought the work to be that of some accomplished human artist. The whole way of business in the powerful recording industry has recently been under attack not only by bootleg downloading but also by peer-to-peer exchange of legit recordings made in every locality. MP3 is here to stay. Likewise, the Hollywood studio system is slowly giving way to independent filmmakers with budgets who in turn are giving way to creative videographers who are virtually penniless. Interchangeable media production has descended upon us all. But it seems nothing has promised more opportunity for obscure unknown artists of all kinds than the Internet. Since 1995, a lot of "nobody people" have become "somebody people" on the Net.

The Mondo Mission
Mondo aspires to slowly develop an online catalog of talented amateur and professional models starting in the Denver-Boulder area. These models will be made known to local clothing stores, hair salons, commercial advertisers, film companies, magazines, theatrical groups and counter-culture interests. Although Mondo Models is not yet an agency with exclusive contracts, we will listen to proposals from prospective collaberants wishing to pay Mondo and our models. Those who do good business with us may in turn receive promotion on our web site.

The value of the Mondo Models web site will be twofold: More amateur talented people will find meaningful assignments. Patrons will have an exciting new catalog of talents to hire.

Mondo Models will focus on amateur models, film and play actors, art and photography models. We may also catalog some voice talent. Our prospective patrons include local magazines, commercial advertisers, local and touring film companies, theater companies, professional photographers, anyone who may be willing to pay a reasonable price for a Mondo model.

photo credit: The vintage photo of the nude girl with record player (top of this page) was not shot by Agent Mondo. In December of 2002 Agent Mondo encountered a situation where some idiot was throwing away many thousands of precious photos belonging to Eugene Lang who had recently had a stroke and had thus lost his mobility for many months. Although I was not familiar with Gene, I knew him to be the landlord of a girlfriend of mine in 1984 who lived a few houses up the street from me. Although I was unable to rescue most of the photos, I did manage to rescue several hundred and delivered them personally to Gene at the senior care residence where I traced him to. Gene was a photographer and photo collector and founder of Colorado Photographic Arts Center. The vintage 1960s photo of nude girl with record player was damaged and thus I cropped it for use in Mondo Models.

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