Mondo Models is a catalog of recent and past models. We generally provide free portfolios for the benefit of select models and to promote the photographic reknown of Agent Mondo who is responsible for most of the photography.
Contacting Models
Our models are wild. We will be happy to track one down for you if we can.

You may contact Mondo Models to inquire about any model on our web site. However, we do not necessarily maintain contact info on every model. Mondo Models is not a full service model agency. But rather, we are a catalog of recently active and past models. Each model is independent and may model for whomever they please. We do not provide the representation typical of a full service model agency.

It is the option of each model to inform their own client prospects that they have a model portfolio on Mondo Models. Then the client may contact the model directly to affirm their interest. Mondo Models is not obligated to give model contact info to prospective clients. Nor do we post that info on model portfolios. But in most cases, we just tell the model that you are interested.

If in fact, we have current valid contact info for a model on file, we will normally contact the model on behalf of the prospective client. Otherwise, if the client has an impressive proposal for the model's benefit, we may post a notice alerting the model that a client appears to be interested in the model.

We normally have no ability to engage in contracts with clients. We do not "rent" models. In fact, our models are not exclusively represented by Mondo Models unless so stated. What we do is to showcase unusual model talent and the photographic talent of the Mondo Models photographer, Agent Mondo.

Models who have a Mondo Models portfolio are advised to tell everyone that they are on Mondo Models and have everyone contact them directly.

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