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IMPORTANT: Prospective models will have a better chance of getting a favorable response by reading this page before you send your email to Mondo Models. Also, please tell us how you learned about Mondo Models.

Please type the above email address into the "To" line of your email. In order to deter spam, this email address is not clickable. Our email address may change periodically in order to reduce spammers. Always come to this page for the current email address.

Mondo Models respects your privacy. We do not send spam or share your email address with marketers.

Please consider the following before you email your inquiry:

  • Be sure to read this whole page, the FAQs page (top menu bar), the Prototypes page and the Themes page;
  • View the Portfolio section (It's just getting started and will eventually be huge);
  • Tell Mondo Models what you have seen on the web site. (It helps a lot);
  • It helps if you tell why you would like to model for Mondo Models and why you'd like to have a Mondo portfolio;
  • Attach at least one or preferably two or more standard JPEG digital photos (or scans) to your email. These images are filed in the "Model Watch" folder for the private consideration of Mondo Models. You can send as many images as you like but try not to clog the download with too many in your first email;
  • If you want a free portfolio created, then you must qualify and be willing to model at least once (with rare exceptions). This is because Agent Mondo's photographic style rules the web site and also to avoid false submissions;
  • A phone number may be helpful;
  • The Mondo Models project will be geographically limited mainly to the Denver and Boulder, Colorado area and sometimes northeast Ohio (whenever Agent Mondo is visiting in Ohio). And eventually we hope to be doing model photography in New York City. You do not have to live in these areas. Traveling models who visit and model may work out fine;
  • Mondo Models allows all models to use an "artist name", nickname or stage name and you may conceal your legal name from public view our web site;
  • You MUST be 18 or older. If you model, you must be able to prove your age and identity (to protect Mondo Models from liability, misrepresentation, etc);
  • Mondo Models is open to a huge degree of flexibility regarding suggested themes or locations;
  • There is no charge for models who qualify for a free portfolio;
  • Mondo prefers models who are unusual. Models can be attractive, glamorous or butt ugly, any race, and no restrictions on handicapped or deformed models. That's pretty liberal. But being one of those things does not automatically make you a model. We're looking for talent, the ability to project character in front of a camera;
  • Mondo Models is not yet a full service agency and may or may not ever become one. However, once you have a good model portfolio on our web site, you can use it to advertise for paying model assignments. And you can tell everyone about your portfolio;
  • Mondo Models will usually require the model to sign a model release at the time of the first model shoot The terms of the release are flexible to accomodate model wishes and Mondo objectives as well;
  • Models will typically recieve a free CD containing all of their digital images after they have been subjected to technical digital processing, one image at a time. (This proecessing is hard work and can take weeks). We do not provide prints;
  • Each model will usually do a test shoot. This will preferably be a full modeling session lasting two to four hours. A typical modeling session will produce hundreds of professional digital images;
  • Exceptional models will be welcome to form an ongoing or periodic modeling relationship with Mondo Models. These models may have larger and better portfolios as things get rolling;
  • All photography is done by the exquisite art photographer Agent Mondo, yours truly. Agent Mondo is the creator of Mondo Models and its web site although paid assistants or slaves may be used periodically in the photography environment. References and particulars are available on request.

Mondo Models creates FREE photo portfolios for qualified prospective models anywhere in the world who come to our Denver location to model in at least one photo session. As a general rule Mondo usually does not create portfolios from submitted photos unless you also model for Mondo. (Mondo may make rare exceptions.) You can live anywhere in the world but models who visit Mondo in Colorado are highly preferred. If you live outside Colorado and do not come here to model for Mondo Models your photos will normally be filed as samples and not used to create a free portfolio. So the main idea here is to do some direct modelling for Mondo if you want to be a Mondo model. Please make sure your email contains a full introduction of yourself, your ideas or concepts and any goals you may have. All models must be at least 18 years of age. Please reveal your home city and age if you hope to get a reply.

Mondo Models welcomes.....
- prospective model photos
- relevant inquiries
- proposals
- comments
- photo ideas

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