Our nude models will be shot in nature, industrial environments, Denver and Manhattan rooftops, boudoirs & gardens.
Photo Art Erotica Models
Mondo Concepts and Ideas for Experienced and New Erotic Models
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The most priceless and timeless erotic photo art is always a treasure rich in meaning. It is not merely intended to titilate. It expresses the experience of the subject or character portrayed. And it is often deeply psychological. This genre is a beautiful world that is hardly pornographic in the hands of an art-driven photographer and model.

Model Angel in the Mondo garden studio.
Aesthetic Art Erotica
Mondo Models is open to specific kinds of female nude and semi-nude models who have an interest in being portrayed with exquisite aesthetic values in stunning artful compositions. (A few male nudes may be of interest later.) The erotic level of these images will vary greatly according to the model and the environment. And the art aspect of some images may be controversal. But we will not do anything we regard as true porn. We have nothing against porn except that porn is usually not art. And we also do not want anything too explicit on this web site because it would be in conflicting taste.

Our objective is to produce images that are rich in subtle eroticism, psychologically different and possessing art values that will stun our viewers in a good way. We hope that some of our art nudes will fit our central theme of surrealism.

Photo art erotica may eventually become an exquisite art form at Mondo Models. Our sessions will emphasize techniques of photographic masters. We prefer to work with models who may have done erotic art modeling before and know what they are doing or want to try for the first time. Our rare photographic talent and your modeling talent will combine to provide the model with a rich treasure trove of good artful photo erotic images. Following are some of the concepts and ideas of Mondo Models:
  • Women in Nature - This aspect of photo art erotica is terribly neglected in nearly all media including men's magazines and the Internet. Yet it can amount to the most stunning kind of beauty that the eye can behold. Mondo Models would like to hear from nude models who want to pose in summer waterfalls, autumn leaves, forests, crystal clear Colorado brooks, wheat fields and anyplace else where nature provide a beautiful photo environment;

  • Garden Photo Erotica - Very private gardens are an ideal place to shoot nudes and lingerie models;

  • Domestic Nudes - Boudoir and bath photography works best if the model has a good bedroom or bath laid out without clutter. Old clawfoot tubs, fancy curtains, ornate floors or walls, stylish doors and other features help to define a warm and sensual environment. Kitchen nudes or semi-nudes can also be hot.

  • Industrial Nudes - We'd be happy to pose good models who want nude self images in urban industrial settings among old machinery or gears, rusted backgrounds, railroad trestles or old empty warehouses. We keep tabs on some of these types of locations. Sometimes thay can be used legally. We might also be able to shoot in some of the larger junkyards without interference. And we know of an airplane junkyeard;

  • Urban Erotic Art - This is a widely varied option;

  • Auto Nudes - posed in or with unusual cars;

  • PinUps & Cheesecake - Nude or semi-nude models with styles that are retro, glamorous or just beautiful. Babydoll models, high-heeled lingerie models, etc;

  • Flashers - One idea is a nude or minimal lingerie model wearing a trenchcoat and possibly heels, walking on a sidewalk at certain unsuspecting urban locations flashing the camera This becomes art only when done well. Trenchcoat erotica can also be done at certain laundromats when there are no potential observers;

  • Satirical Erotic Art - Slutty images that have a humorous bent. These may involve a half naked housewife in pincurlers for instance. Eventually, we also want to photograph at least one or two incredibly fat women in the range of 300 pounds or more, who have a talent for being sexy or humorously repulsive. And someday we want to pose a sexy huge fat woman nude in a room full of flour bags with piles of flour everywhere. This satire is intended to defy that old cruel joke about sex with fat women. We would also be interested in any models who feel they can project hooker style to a degree of humor. We know of a certain outdoor sign in Denver where this might work outrageously well;

  • Erotic Character Fantasies - Adult lolita and schoolgirl erotica has been done to death. But we're open to doing it (with adult models) if it can be done well because it is popular with models and viewers. Fetish nurses are likewise old history. But we'd do them if they can be done really well. Dominatrixes today are just boring. If you want to play one on camera, you will need to be over the top;

  • Lipstick Lesbians & Drag Kings - We are open to photographing real or fictitious (non-pornorgraphic) lesbain images that involve extreme artistry and visibly erotic energy in full or partial attire. Such images may contain two feminine women or one femme with a truly passing drag king. But looks alone won't cut it. You need to be able to project a stongly defiant erotic vibe with one model preferably dressed as a dapper and polished man. We've seen tons of drag kings and want only the best.

Most of our basic concepts for erotic photo art were influenced by decades of familiarity with world reknown photographic masters such as Newton, Kroll and Mapplethorpe whose works hang in museums. These influential works cover all epochs from the beginning of photography in France.

As a general rule in the art world, most erotic art is created for normal well adjusted observers and voyeurs. Some is simply exhibitionist in nature. But our images will try to go farther by illuminating the experience projected by the subject who is modeling. We are keen to capture the psychological experience of eroticism regardless whether it is simple, complex, sincere or satirical.

About Tattoos and Piercings
Mondo Models usually prefers to work with nude models who do not have large tattoos covering important parts of the body. We may accept tattood and pierced models based on other appearance factors, modeling talent and type of erotic modeling.

Modeling Nude or Semi-nude for Mondo Models
Mondo Models welcomes qualifying models with erotic art modeling experience or a desire to try. Prospective models must be at least 18 years of age. Our excellent photography can beautify a not-so-attractive erotic art model or make a good model look even better. Any erotic art Model who pursues a free Mondo Models portfolio may receive hundreds of quality high resolution digital self-images from your photo sessions. Erotic models will be treated with respect and sensitivity.

In order for us to create your portfolio on our web site, Mondo Models requires each model to sign a model release. The release may specify limits on our usage of photos. Images are not licensed to any third party without model permission. A free Mondo Models portfolio can be valuable to erotic photo models who will be seeking paying photography assignments. Prospective clients may be impressed by the quality of your images and more prone to hire for such assignments.

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