Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does Mondo charge a model for a portfolio?
A: Nothing, zero, zilch. Anyone who tries out as a Mondo Model and is then accepted as one gets a free online portfolio inside the Mondo Models web site.

Q: How much does Mondo Models pay models to model?
A: Nothing, zero, zilch. The concept here is to provide free publicity for models and act as a go-between when commercial concerns start asking for models in Mondo portfolios. It is those people who will either pay or offer some other reasonable inducements to models.

Q: What kind of talent is Mondo Models looking for?
A: Mondo is seeking unusual, exceptional and weird models for fashion, commercial advertising, print, photography, experimental or unusual film or video, acting, theater, art models, figure models, etc. Appearance, visual talent and acting talent will be considered.

Q: Does Mondo Models charge for photography?
A: Anyone accepted as a Mondo Model will be photographed by Agent Mondo free of charge in order to develop your portfolio on our web site. There is no charge to prospective or current models. However Mondo Models is also a commercial photography endeavor accepting paying assignments. That's why celebrities, objects, and animals are shown as examples of Agent Mondo's photography work on this site.

Q: What if I don't fit the bill, can Mondo still do photography for me?
A: If you do not fit Mondo themes for a free portfolio, Agent Mondo is always happy to provide photography service for a reasonable price.

Q: Who might hire me to model if I become a Mondo Model?
A: Models are advised to inform every prospective client that they hae a portfolio on our web site. Once we've created enough portfolios, Mondo Models will also make an active effort to make the web site known to local clothing boutiques, fashion designers, photographers, hair salons, and counter-culture publications.

Q: Will Mondo photos be provided to other entities without my permission?
A: Absolutely not. As a general rule, Mondo Models does not give permission to publish photos of models without the permission of respective models unless it is for "fair use" publicity about Mondo Models.

Q: Who will see my portfolio?
A: Anyone interested in seeing or hiring models, actors, or related talent will be able to see your portfolio directly online at the MondoModels.com web site.

Q: How many pictures can be in my portfolio and how will they be displayed?
A: Agent Mondo plans to display the best quality portfolio images as two inch thumbnails with enlargements sized at 37.5 square inches (usually 7.5 x 5 inches). Other images will be displayed as 2-1/2 inch to four inch images. Each completed portfolio will typically have five to ten images. And more may be added later. Exceptional or priority models may go well beyond this amount.

Q: What else will be in my portfolio?
A: Mondo Models will attempt to create a concise interesting bio/talent sheet for each model describing artistic interests, ambitions, influences and experience. Some personal or lifestyle comments may also be used.

Q: Who chooses my portfolio content?
A: Agent Mondo will edit each model portfolio personally with sensitivity to the preferences of the model. The model can request for instance, that certain photos not be used or indicate a preference toward others.

Q: How long will my portfolio remain online?
A: Model portfolios may remain online perpetually. If no interest is shown in the model for a year or more, then the portfolio may be removed.

Q: Must I be weird to be a Mondo Model?
A: No, but it might help. Mondo is mainly interested in counter-culture models. Being on the cutting edge of weirdness is just one thing Agent Mondo is looking for.

Q: Why is Agent Mondo's name not revealed on the web site?
A: For one thing Agent Mondo has dozens of web sites and has been very active with arts-related Internet activity since 1996. Agent Mondo receives hundreds of spams (junk email) every single day. It is a huge problem that makes it hard to weed through and pick out legit emails. It is thus advantageous to be anonymous to most of these spammers. Also Agent Mondo (that's me) is a rather private person who wishes to disclose himself only discretely as opposed to making a name for himself in all of his arts related endeavors all at once. Then there is also the matter that Agent Mondo is a self-published arts critic online and has found anonymity to be useful when attending arts events. And finally, of lesser importance, Agent Mondo is a pundit who occasionally publishes diatribes advocating the downfall of civilization as we know it, not to mention Mondo's psychologically aberrant vampire fiction project. And Mondo has unusual ideas about artistic freedom and personal identity that would be normal in New York but subject to red squad spy files in outback Denver. Not that Agent Mondo wants to be totally secret. He simply wants to control his own emergence as an artistic force in his own fashion by cultivating an appropriate salon of people with similar philosophical ideas as opposed to making it some big publicity thing. Anyone who meets with Agent Mondo is free to get to know him and his name.

Q: Does Mondo Models specialize in fetish or sex or nudity?
A: Not exactly. Many of the photos on the Mondo Models web site are fetish related only because Agent Mondo as a photographer regarded the early-mid 90s fetish movement as an important statement in both fashion identity and sexual freedom. Also fetish is theatrical and Agent Mondo is very wrapped up in theatrical writing and themes. Agent Mondo regards the fetish movement as a valuable statement of defiance toward the vast and authoritarian puritanical order. Mondo is not psychologically bonded to the fetish movement nor much of any other movement. Likewise sex is not a big part of Mondo's focus. On the other hand, sexual identity and sexuality are evident in nearly all fashion and fashion-free (nudist) movements in both innocent and deranged forms. Thus Mondo Models must deal with sexuality in some of our work even though we have no plans for anything that could be called blatant porn. In the direct opinion of Agent Mondo, eroticism is legitimate when it has socially redeeming value pertaining to ethereal beauty, spirituality, or simple revelatory displays of cultural debasement or metamorphosis. I want at least one beautiful woman to run naked wearing only a thin veil through a beautiful cemetery. And I have other legitimate plans for eroticism in fine art photographic studies. But Agent Mondo has no prurient interest in sex as a manipulative tool. Chances are some women (and men) will make love to Agent Mondo's camera but not make love with Agent Mondo. (Not that you'd be disappointed!) Nonetheless, no matter where you go....Hollywood, New York, Berlin or Bollywood.... you can't be a star unless you make love to the camera.

Q: Why is Agent Mondo doing all this?
A: Agent Mondo has studied artistic trends and culture since he was a teenager in the 1960s. In the past two decades this has begun to focus on many philosophical dynamics that made and broke movements. Agent Mondo aspires to be a literary and theatrical force and a filmmaker in addition to being a major diletante in the arts. To date most of this has involved only private and prolific writing without pay at an enormous cost to Agent Mondo in terms of time and frugal income expended. The Mondo vision is deep. It cannot be executed by Agent Mondo alone. Agent Mondo aspires to create stars much like Warhol did. This dream is set in New York in some near future year. As an on online arts publisher in Colorado, Agent Mondo has been feverishly giving visibility to many hundreds of struggling artists of all kinds since 1996, long before Mondo Models was conceived. Mondo Models is just another vibrant way for Agent Mondo to create goodwill in the arts community and to set new standards using the Mondo "brand". Agent Mondo actually believes he will succeed in starting careers for some of the most unusual talent around. Secondly, Agent Mondo is quite sick of all the ice queens that have rolled off of Madison Avenue catwalks since the early 1990s. These prototypes have defined the world of greed and privelege that is anathema to artistic beauty. And finally, their world is all about money and crude sex and power. The Mondo world is all about creativity, intelligent romantics and artistic dreamers to the degree of surrealism. The Madison Avenue prototype is hypocritical, racist, boring, it's all about brats co-opting culture with cash instead of actual experimentation or experience. There's no love in their sex. There's no real joy in their money. Mondo aspires essentially to give rebirth to a sort of Warhol Factory. Mondo is about making mischief for the sake of love. Self love is dead! Much of Madison Avenue is nothing but a bunch of pouting models prostituting themselves for an unatainable haute couterie lifestyle representing the unreal hopes of the Bourgeois mall rat consumer. Much of haute couterie is wonderful and fantastical but nonetheless sold as a commodity for moneyed classes who often have no real artistic imaginations. Then there are all those casual lines that represent your priveleged recess from the corporate nine-to-five school. Mondo may eventually deal with high fashion, but more focus here will always be on artistic dreams for artistic markets, as opposed to brat markets and career-powerful ice queen patronage.

Q: How old is Agent Mondo?
A: When Agent Mondo was born there was not a single color TV on the block. Eight track tape players had not yet been invented. Touch tone phones were the future. Betty Page was all the rage. Agent Mondo was born in the early 1950s

Q: Who are some of Agent Mondo's favorites and influences?
A: Andy Warhol, Marlon Brando, Patti Smith, Jimmy Carter (and Billy), Clara Bow, Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, William Burroughs, Tom Edison (as mad genius) and John Lennon who said you've got to "kill" your idols (meaning to cut off your dependency from trends). By 1987, David Bowie was Agent Mondo's biggest impetus toward a deeper arts related lifestyle after decades of dabbling. But after a rude awakening in 2004, Mondo began to see that prolific Bowie genius had always been about self worship and iconographic supremacy amidst his paranoia of the common man. Mondo has grown to appreciate a few goth favorites starting with his discovery of Peter Murphy singing in The Hunger in the 1980s. As a general rule, Mondo loves eccentrics of all sorts including the likes of Garrison Keelor of Lake Wobegone fame and pundits like Andy Rooney from 60 minutes. Then there are mainstream folks like Ted Koppel whose humble journalism is prolonging the slow death of democracy if it ever existed. Mondo also loves photographers like New York's Weegee (Arthur Fellig) of the 1940s and Brassai of 1930s Paris. He's a fan of the 1920s singing style of Rudy Vallee and likes The Little Rascals. Mondo also dabbles in Rimbaud and is investigating Marguis de Sade...oh me oh my!.. and Antonin Artaud for use in his own comedic vampire fiction and plans to study Baudelaire and the Surrealists. Culture is a big study for Mondo but his deepest influences are those artistic people whose obsessions have been on the edge of madness for better and worse.

Q: When was Mondo Models started?
A: Agent Mondo filed the MondoModels.com domain name in May, 2002 when a light bulb went on in his head. Actual contruction of the web site began in mid January, 2003 and achieved reasonable page content in mid March, 2003. Our first significant portfolios were Tamara and then Brandy in May and June of 2003. Portfolio momentum seems to be promising with the addition of some good models in late Summer of 2004.

Q: Was the concept original?
A: Absolutely! Agent Mondo had no knowledge of any modelling agency specifically devoted to specializing in offbeat unusual counter-culture talent, at least not in Colorado. The concept came about after Agent Mondo had been pouring though thousands of New York's wildest counter culture magazines covering fashion, film, art and much else over a period of about five to ten years, all because Agent Mondo is planning to do much work in New York someday. Immediately after filing the domain name in May of 2002 agent Mondo revealed the concept to his good friend Ray Eerie who in turn informed Mondo that a friend of his named Michelle Barnes had a concurrent concept known as Chill Factory Talent said to be vaguely similar. Both Mondo and Chill have been unique and original and unrelated to each other. (Chill Factory Talent had a web site that went offline in 2004.) With all due respect to other parties, the Mondo web site was up and running with lots of content ahead of any similar concept in Colorado. But I am sure there are probably concepts similar to Mondo Models in New York or Los Angeles or Berlin. Incidentally Agent Mondo was publishing online arts directories for many years before starting this endeavor. Mondo Models is a creative expansion of that experience and a new means to promote artistic talent.

Q: Is Mondo Models an agency?
A: Not officially just yet. It begins as a talent portfolio as soon as we have a dozen portfolios for good models. Gradually it may eventually become a full fledged professional agency.

Q: Where's the money?
A: If there's any profit to be made, it will probably not come quickly for Agent Mondo or any of his models. Mondo Models proposes that aspiring models should be motivated by their own talent and the chance to be part of something truly different. Then as we develop a strong collection of online portfolios, there is every reason to have faith that commercial interests will want these models enough to pay both Mondo and the models. Even if that fails, the model still receives a valuable portfolio and free photography services.

Q: What are the benefits in the meantime?
A: As Mondo Models grows into a serious endeavor, each model with a Mondo Models portfolio can use the portfolio to help herself/himself to seek out modelling assignments. Just tell people your portfolio is online at MondoModels.com.

Q: If I become a Mondo Model can I still model for some other company or agency?
A: Currently Mondo Models is not requiring any exclusives forbidding models to work for other agencies.

Q: What are the risks?
A: The biggest risk for a potentially talented person is that you will grow old never having shown the courage to believe in yourself and always regretting that you procrastinated. Agent Mondo personally had this experience after aspiring to be a singer since the age of four, actually being punished for taking up that ambition at age six and then belatedly becoming a prolific songwriter over thirty years later, only to be stuck in the assorted ruts of life for many more years. The biggest risk is that you will fail to believe in yourself or not be sure of your path.

Q: Why did you choose to call it "Mondo Models"?
A: When Agent Mondo was a teenager he lived in an orphanage in Akron, Ohio for five years (1962-67). Much of his sexual awakening around the age of thirteen consisted of running away to Youngstown, Ohio and sneaking into a burlesque theater where he saw exotic strippers and vaudeville comedians just before the whole burlesque scene declined and was replaced by go-go clubs. As a kid Agent Mondo watched original burlesque strippers from a front row seat. Back in Akron, as a young teenager Agent Mondo was also sneaking into the local adult theater (the Astor on Main Street) watching nude artsy films that could hardly be called porn by today's standards. They were very erotic and often funny films. One of these films was Mondo Topless by director Russ Meyer (who also did Faster Pussycat, Kill Kill). You can imagine this thirteen year old virgin boy seeing all these gorgeous beautiful naked women and then returning to the orphanage acting like he just went to the candy store and got lost. As a runaway kid on the streets of Akron in the 1960s, Agent Mondo also visited corner drugstores and greasy spoons where he "borrowed" a lot of pulp and art erotica of the time including the likes of Betty Page. The word Mondo is right out of the 1960s. It has rather deep and artfully delightful connotations parallel to several art movements of the time. And by all means it is once again time.
(Mondo is an Italian or Latin word that we will define in our glossary.)

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