Models who qualify for a free portfolio on Mondo Models have a much better opportunity to prove their worth to paying clients who thay can find and contact directly. Plus, having our photography and CD free is an asset that you can use almost anywhere.
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The Mondo Models difference is our photography and our overall concept

Qualified models receive:

  • A FREE portfolio on the Mondo Models web site;

  • The exquisite professional and aesthetic photography service of Agent Mondo in person, FREE of charge. This typically includes at least one 2 to 4 hour photo session. Normally a session will yield hundreds of quality digital images;

  • FREE highly skilled digital technical processing and aesthetic optimization of each image. This is generally done using Photoshop and other programs by Agent Mondo personally. This work typically involves ten minutes of devotion per average image. Some images may even be optimized for an hour;

  • A FREE CD containing all images of the model shot to date (except those deleted for inferior quality);

Why should a model bother?

  • Mondo Models is very small and quite exclusive. It is one of the most complimented concepts for alternative modeling around. It's different and many people love it;

  • You won't find Agent Mondo's compositional skills in any other photographer on Earth, especially for free. We could make an ordinary dog look like a haute bitch from Paris. But your visual talent helps;

  • The images you receive are a hot way to start promoting your modeling plans directly. You can pretty much do what you like with them. You can place them on other web sites, share them with prospects or show them around;

  • It's an honor to be branded as a Mondo Model and not all models qualify.

Want to be a Mondo Model?

  • You must be 18. You can be ugly or beautiful. But having visual talent is your best shot. Do you like being in front of a camera? Are you really different and unusual or just a typical boring member of nonconformist society? Mondo Models is especially interested in people that defy Madison Avenue prototypes;

  • We are based in Denver, Colorado Models can live anywhere in the world. But we normally use only our own photography. Therefore, models must visit or live near Denver or catch up with Agent Mondo if out of town. We may occasionally be available in parts of northeast Ohio. And ultimately, the Mondo Models project will hopefully be visiting New York periodically in the near future;

  • The most important first step, is to get to know this web site. Learn what this is all about. Enjoy the photography and then ask yourself if you feel that your modeling talent belongs here. Start at the Site Map (top menu bar) and poke around;

  • Gather up the best and most accurate photos of yourself. Does not matter if they look boring. But it helps if you look exciting in some unusual way. We just need to know what you are all about;

  • Send us and email and tell us your modeling ideas and ways that you might like to model.

>>> Go to the Site Map to explore the web site fully.

>>> Please go to the Mondo Models Contact Page to send us an inquiry with at least one, preferably several, sample photos. (Submitted photos are kept on file as a refernce.) You may qualify for a FREE photography session, FREE CD and FREE portfolio.

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