Refreshingly Different Local Links
In Denver and the Immediate Region

Mondo provides links only by snobbish editorial preference especially to select friends and occasionally to enemas.

  • Brainstorm Studios <BrainstormStudios.com> - Veddy spoooky stuff! Custom and stock art and photographic services for promotion and advertising.
    web site excerpts: "...industry leader in developing well rounded and highly effective advertising imagery, design & promotional resources for over 200 of the most successful Halloween events, attractions & haunted houses in the world. We service a full spectrum of clients, from the largest such as
    Circus Circus' TerrorDome in Las Vegas, Knott's "Scary" Farm in California, Paramount Parks, Six Flags Amusement Parks, Busch Gardens & SpookyWorld at Foxboro Stadium to a whole range of house haunts, family farm haunts "
    Brainstorm Studios LLC. , 523 Leonard Lane, Northglenn, CO. 80233
    (303) 288-0988

  • Burlesque As It Was <BurlesqueAsItWas.com> - Michelle Baldwin's troupe of local girls is bringing back the art of burlesque to Denver area stages and has performed in other cities such as Las Vegas and Oklahoma City. They also do bachelorette parties (to teach the art of stripping for your husband).
    (303) 934-7065

  • Colorado Goths on Yahoo <http://ph.groups.yahoo.com/group/co-goths> - This group is a good buzz of local goths.
    Colorado's Artisans, Models and Photographers  <---> - Does anyone know of a current web address for CAMP? The old one at CAMPMag.com has been taken over by spammers.

  • Colorado Arts Net <ColoradoArts.net> - Colorado's oldest and largest arts link directory provides over 1,200 links to the arts for Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming including film, fashion, talent agents, art galleries, artists, record production & marketing, nightclubs, theater companies, museums, dance, comedy, bands & musicians galore, 'zines, radio & TV stations, promoter shucksters and much more.

  • Colorado Dark Arts Festival <ColoradoDarkArts.org> - (Website down. May be defunct or just offline til next event if happening.) Annual goth community event produced in Denver by Gothic Planet in association with Cafe Netherworld. Features goth fashions, bands, high goth art, etc. First event was 2002.

  • Denver Rocky Horror Picture Show <DenverRockyHorror.com> - <former web address DenverRHPS.com> Possibly the longest running film in the history of Denver, the The Rocky Horror Picture Show is the answer to many a "Sweet Transvestite" dream as well as being a cult addiction to a discriminating subculture of film afficionados. It played including the live floor show by Denver's Dynamic Tension at Landmark's Ogden Theater until the Ogden art house closed down for several years in 1989. (The cast used to drop into Agent Mondo's little card shop of horrors up the street in the wee hours). Then the showing with floor actors was happening at Landmark's Esquire Theater for over a decade. Check their web site for current location.

  • Elvira, Mistress of the Dark <Elvira.com> - The seductively curvaceous actress and film host Elvira was once a plain jane named Cassandra Peterson who grew up in the Colorado Springs area. I believe I've also seen her on celluloid or was that IN celluloid? Homegirl gets a Mondo award for her eccentric character, Libertine awareness and animal rights consciousness in her food and fashion.

  • Fairmount Cemetery <FairmountCemetery.net> - One of the few places in metro Denver where you can get some rest away from the humbuzz of pesky unexpired mortals. Fairmount has been a memorial park sacred to the goth scene at least since goth-styled band Soul Merchants used it for album cover photography in the 1980s. It is the final resting place of many historic Denver figures such as pioneer real estate developer George Schleier, hated robber baron Walter S. Cheesman of Cheesman Park fame and assorted infamous madames like Mattie Silks (Martha A. Ready) and Jennie Rogers (Leah J. Wood). Mondo Models has done photography shoots at Fairmount as an environment alluding to the surreal immortal vision of life in the ideal of mortal goth tradition. The place has a tranquil and historic beauty. Agent Mondo dreams of living in the cemetery in a massive underground labarynth having a secret mausoleum entrance. You can find a sector number map of the cemetery grounds by clicking "Information" on their web site. Each sector is marked by small numbered stones at intersections. If you visit, please respect the dead and their kin by not littering, partying, making noise or doing anything that might defile your own grave.
    430 S. Quebec St. (at East Alameda Ave.), Denver, CO.  80247-1050
    (303) 399-0692

  • Grim Manor <GrimProductions.com> - After visiting literally thousands of Colorado web sites, Grim gets a Mondo award for being one of the top ten for its enchanted animated environments and caricatures in a goth/surrealist vein. Be sure to play in the "Laboratory" and "Gallery". Although actual info was a bit sidelined on the site, Grim is in the multimedia biz. They also have produced/promoted Night of 1,000 Evils and the first five Burlesque as it Was shows in addition to working with some local bands like Seraphim Shock and Chuck, Denver's ever-gothic Elvis (who incidentally appeared in about eight of Agent Mondo's vintage vids of the early 90s.) Grim is delightfully weird and expected to get weirder.
    2925 Holly St., Denver, CO 80207-2738
    (303) 832-1580
  • Sean Hartgrove Photography <SeanHartgrove.com> - Sean gets a Mondo Models award for devotion to his craft. Agent Mondo has been spying Sean's refined fetish in assorted local 'zines for the past decade.
    (303) 861-9626

  • Landmark Theaters <LandmarkTheatres.com> - California based Landmark has three distinguished art houses in Denver. They are known for exhibiting independent and foreign films and films of social, artistic and intellectual importance. They get a Mondo award for having exhibited hundreds of weird films like Hedwig, The Hunger, Polyester, and their long-running Rocky Horror Picture Show that has since moved on.
    Chez Artiste Cinema, 2800 S. Colorado Blvd., Denver
    (303) 757-7161
    Esquire Theater, 590 Downing St., Denver
    (303) 733-5757
    Mayan Theater, 110 Broadway, Denver
    (303) 744-6796

  • Maris the Great <MarisTheGreat.com> - Maris gets a Mondo award for being one of the most well groomed monsters in Colorado. When hearing of this Maris proclaimed to Agent Mondo "I can smell your brain." Maris has his own band and promotes a number of other local bands as well.

  • Mental Switch <MentalSwitch.com> - The person known as "Mental Switch" is a creative force and programmer who came to Denver from Minneapolis, Minnesota and Madison, Wisconsin in the Summer of 2003. He quickly coalesced a large cooperative salon embracing unusual photographers and models. The group was called "Denver of Iniquity" and later "Dark Artists". It nourished many preexisting collaberations and created many more anew. The group appears to be off-circuit for the time being. But Mental Switch is also a fantastic photographer with many great pics on his site. Agent Mondo has personally enjoyed working with DOI/Dark Artists. (More of that work from 2003-2005 may be sorted and placed on the Mondo Models website in the near future.)

  • Vincent B. Rain <VincentBRain.com> - Original surrealist, goth, and Beat transcendental poetry, songs and writings of a local Denver resident.

  • Sauvecoto's Apparel <Suavecito.com> - At a time when mainstream magazine's in fashion, art and film are ignoring the huge Latin American population shift, we have here in Denver a company that has become a leading supplier of zoot suits for sale and rental. And you no longer have to be a pachuco to wear one but it helps.
    725 Santa Fe Dr., Denver, CO 80204
    (303) 825-7922
    (888) 298-7848 (toll free)

  • Studio Lites <StudioLites.com> - This is where Denver's drag queens get their wigs & perms, cosmetics, lingerie, breast forms, gloves, boas, shoes, gowns..... before and after photography.
    333 N. Broadway, Denver, CO 80203
    (303) 733-7797

  • Technical Alchemy Inc. <OwlHouse.org> - Our goth acquaintance Bill Lemieux of Technical Alechemy provides stage lighting and special effects including pyrotechnics, psychedelic visuals, fog, and tesla coil. Bill is quite familiar on the local goth club scene and has a web site, Owl House in that vein. (Click "The Office" for details.)
    (303) 308-1996
    - ref. email Bill Lemieux 2002 June 10 (formerly Coherent Lighting).

  • Wizard's Chest <WizardsChest.com> - costume supplies, liquid latex, capes, stage make-up, wigs, rubber bugs
    230 Fillmore St. (Cherry Creek North) Denver, CO 80206
    (303) 321-4304
    (866) 321-4304 (toll free)
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