Outdoor and indoor photo locations have been a key component of Agent Mondo's model method long before Mondo Models.
Locations in Metro Denver
for modelling and photography

Over the years Agent Mondo has spotted some Denver area locations ideal for dynamic modelling work. These places include graveyards, elevators, statues, fountains, parks, flower gardens, architectural scenes, stairways, hotels, railroad tracks, industrial environments, etc. Some of Agent Mondo's location images will appear here in order to communicate location concepts with prospective models.

Denver Art Museum as seen from 14th and Bannock provides surreal and distinctive geometric perspectives.
circa 2002

Denver Botanic Gardens offers a few nice garden environments with benches, ponds and bridges.

One of Agent Mondo's most exquisite graveyard photos is this rainbow at Riverside Cemetery in Denver.
circa 1994
Humphrey Mansion - This mansion is fronted on a small public park with the Governor's mansion on the opposite side. The mansion grounds appear to be fairly open to the public. The mansion itself is a museum, I believe. And yet the area is usually pretty deserted and rather serene compared to the hustle of Eighth Avenue just a block to the north. The southwest edge of the mansion has a fabulous high walk with ornate stone railings and lots of trees. Great visual perspictives too. This is a great place to shoot models and has been used by some of the few photographers who know about it.
Old Red Train - in a remote boondock area NW of the stockyards. Agent Mondo has shot a few models here and loves the trains. The location is a Mondo secret since I don't want anyone to ruin it for Mondo Models.

Forney Train Museum - It offers lots of old trains great for posing models. No Mondo shoots have been done there yet. But I suspect one local photographer, Brad Bartholomew, used a Forney train for some fabulous art nudes. There is an admission charge. I don't know if they charge extra for models. (address and web site may be posted here later.)

National Guard Depot - at 53rd & Franklin has an army tank at the front corner of the property. It's in the boondocks near the Platte River and just NE of where the old sewage treatment plant used to be located before it was apparently demolished.
The pavillion at Cheesman Park (left) offers classic perspectives and a magnificent view of the Rocky Mountain front range behind the Denver skyline. This part of Cheesman is also a somewhat ethereal place given its high position over the city, its tranquil airy beauty and a feeling of spiritual presence in the light breezes. (Agent Mondo often medidates in the park.) It was once a cemetery. Remaining body parts from Denver's earliest days have been found still buried in adjacent Botanical Garden as recently as the 1990s. Unlike the dust-choked one way streets of surrounding Capitol Hill, the air here is relatively pure and refreshing.

Following are some other locations used in Agent Mondo's previous and future photography. Some of these locations are public while others are privately owned. If you use any of these locations, be sure to act maturely and discretely. Do not mess around beyond harmless photography. Do not tag, vandalize, litter, take things apart nor party. These locations should be respected in order to keep them available for devoted model photographers and models. Photos of some of these locations will be posted here later:

  • Denver Stockyards - Stock pens are usually overgrown with high weeds making model shots look rural. There is also a long concrete "catwalk" as it's called on signs. It's about fifteen feet up from the ground, offering model persepectives and a great place to shoot models from above. At Mondo Models we treat our models like cattle and so this location is superb. The stock yards are accessible from an obscure turnoff, possible Packing House Road. It borders I-70 and the Platte River and some RR tracks. Study the area directly north of Denver Coliseum on your map. Not available during National Western events if animals are penned. But otherwise the yards are usually empty and wide open. The stock area is locked from vehicle entry at times but accessible on foot if you park along Packing House Road or in the National Western Stockshow lot behind the old red buildings (offices). If you go there be sure to respect the property and leave no litter. The NW people seem to ignore harmless photographers but rest assured many of the boondock buildings nearby are not abandoned and the proeperty is watched to some degree. Nonetheless the stockyards are huge and afford a great modeling environment. But don't go there during the January stock show unless you want trouble and stinky shoes.

  • Brown Palace Hotel - triangle hall wall corners, furnishings, ornate railings, a nifty old hidden stairway are all decent modeling environments. Upper floors require extra discretion and quiet unless you want to get thrown out. But as long as you are not making a spectacle or duisturbance, the staff is usually pretty mellow. Incidentally, Agent Mondo, your's truly, shot David Bowie and some of his musicians here in 1987 and 1995.

  • Trinity Church - 18th & Broadway just across from Brown Palace Hotel. The iron gates in front are photogenic backgrounds.

  • Embassy Suites Hotel - The elevators are mirrored on both sides, allowing for good model refections when used skillfully. The hard part is keeping the camera out of the reflections.

  • Sand Creek - There is a railroad trestle over the creek just off 56th Av. in Commerce City. It's a great trestle, nice and long. The area underneath would be good for fetish rope bondage photography, pinups, wild west outlaw or band photography. The upper bridge has a walk. It's near the refinery.

  • Union Station - The pedestrian tunnel offers a bit of metroplis flavor. The former historic rail yards out back are being raped by real estate developers as a result of former Mayor Webb's blindness to the future need for public space as Denver becomes much more populated. Many people wanted this area to become Denver's own large Central Park for the future. Instead we got a narrow ribbon park along the Platte River. The area west of the station building (the rear) offers trains, tracks, new glass block walls and the old station as a backdrop. The open area is being filled in with ugly big box condos and shops.;

  • Central Platte Valley west of LoDo - Areas around Commons Park and Riverfront Park offer just a few remains of the old Denver including railroad trestles. The recently built white pedestrian bridge with its tilted beam and cables is a splendid place to shoot models day or night. It has unusual lighting. Cherry Creek near the historic Platte River confluence (where Denver began as a tent city) is now lined with butt ugly box condos. Nonetheless there are some old water wheels at one point. The REI building (formerly a train museum) provides good architectural backdrop for shooting models;

  • Denver Botanic Gardens - (see photo above) They have monthly free days much of the year. Many parts of DBG are great for shooting models. The Montana pond at SW part of DBG is rustic and great in August & September. The main greenhouse building is a steamy jungle of tropical plants. DBG features many types of lush gardens, reflecting pools, streams and ponds. Many architectural features are offered including the Japanese tea house and assorted pagodas. Unfortunately DBG wants fifty dollars for each model used. But if caught and asked to pay this extortion rate I will just say "that lady is no model, she's my cousin."

  • Alta Court Building - The inner court to this old building at 1490 Lafayette Street (at E. Colfax) offers nice accents with a bit of New Orleans flavor. Be sure to see it from many angles including looking up from or down to the rear courtyard;

  • Civic Center Park - Has some nice Roman style architectural features.

  • Fairmount Cemetery - an old favorite for photography by goths since it was used by local band The Soul Merchants in the mid 1980s. Mondo Models has done multiple model shoots at Fairmount. The cemetery is quite peaceful and serene, at least on weekdays, and large. Located along Alameda at Quebec east of Glendale. Fairmount is home to the bodies of many historic Denver figures. It has great mausoleums, gardens, a creek and chapel, all quite suitable for goth photography. A few of the graves have memorials shaped like love seats.

  • Hotel Teatro - Hallway of floors 3, 4, 5 & 6 each have an unused wall safe that can serve as a photo prop. I was thinking about posing a model as a villain safecracker there;

  • Duff's Aircraft Salvage - I heard about this place in the early 90s but haven't got out there yet. The old man who owns it is reportedly open to models but does not want any nudity (at least not officially). The lot is said to cover many acres. I've always wanted to go out there with some models and look for a good plane. (address and web site will be posted here later.)

All photos by Agent Mondo. The black & white photo depicting tombstone with wrought iron fence (top of page) was shot at Central City Cemetery in Colorado.

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