Model Prototypes
This page outlines some of the types of models being sought by Mondo Models or the roles they may play. If you fit one of these descriptions, have the talent and wardrobe, you might just be a Mondo Model.

Surrealists, Misfits and Oddballs:

  • Fellini Satyricon and Jim Rose types
  • Goths from the bleeding edge
  • Far flung fantasy, fairy tale and futurist models
  • Exceptional clowns and mimes
  • Stooges and circus oddities
  • Artfull eccentrics
  • Lonely cannibals

Art Romantics, Nature Goddesses and Gods:

  • Movement lovers, dancers, figure models
  • Dramatical expressionists, theatrical types
  • Bathing beauties in waterfalls, creeks and country tubs
  • Garden goddesses and fair maidens of the forest
  • Pan gods
  • Spirit goddesses of the cemetery
  • Classic lovers on park benches
  • Damsels in distress

Bad Girls and Boys:

  • Femme fatales
  • Film noir types
  • Reform school girls
  • Classic burlesque showgirls, go-go girls and cabaret dancers
  • Pin-up dolls, coquettes, babydolls and cheesecake
  • Boudoir and bathtub beauties
  • French girls without underwear
  • Grownup schoolgirls
  • Artfully fetish public flashing girls
  • Pimp-killer call girls with deadly red books
  • Hardboiled private eyes
  • Gunmen and getaway drivers
  • Jim dandies & diamond dogs
  • Suave suitors dressed to kill
  • Godfathers and cheap hoods with heaters in their pockets
  • Notorious gulag escapees
  • Villains and anti-heros
  • Horse thieves and gnarly gamblers

Retros and Antiquities:

  • Limey mods
  • Flappers
  • Boi punks
  • Classic 1950s and 60s models
  • Bomber boys and B-girls
  • Rennaisance

DV8s, Fetish and Industrial Pervs:

  • Exceptional libertines and fetish afficionados
  • Industrial, boondock and rooftop erotic art models
  • Rare quality drag queens and kings
  • Lipstick lesbians
  • Female mud wrestlers
  • Gender fucks
  • Leading Feminazi commandos with swastikas
  • Submissives, worms and human furniture
  • Tomboy terrorists and adult girls who climb trees

House Trash and Street Rubbish:

  • Bored housewife sluts in pin curlers
  • Layered homeless fashionistas
  • Classic street gangs and hoods
  • Hauntingly familiar skid row bums

Other Madison Avenue Rejects:

  • Classic Latinas, Latinos and Pachucos
  • Bollywood-bound Hindu babes
  • Arabic models
  • Tattoo and body art models
  • Interracial couples
  • Coal black beauties
  • Hillbilly and country folks
  • Mutant beauties with birth defects or surgical scars
  • Birthmark beauties
  • Thrift shop supermodels

note: Image at top right of page is a clip art representation of the film Bride of Frankenstein.

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