Mondo Models is hoping to achieve more surrealist and aesthetic images with less emphasis on common underground fashions. We're more about theater and not so much about common aspects of counterculture.
Model Search
A Few Current Mondo Objectives

There are certain kinds of models that command our priority. Other pages on this web site describe the types of models we want in general. But this page describes a few of our most compelling interests. Some of our portfolios show where we have been. Some show where we want to go.

Ghost Shoots
Mondo Models plans to conduct ghost shoots using good goth models, Victorian era style models or possibly art nude models wearing only muslin veils or torn clothing. These ghost shoots have been the subject of experimentation by Agent Mondo using a special digital technique. Ghost images are nothing new. They were a trick of early photography. We are hoping that good models will come forward who want to work toward creating exquisite and beautiful ghost images. Models in these images should be capable of projecting the ethereal concepts associated with death, especially in an ancient or Victorian context. But horror is generally not what this is about. Models in these images will appear to be transparent.

We have multiple ideas for ghost images. We have a particular mausoleum in mind that would be a good place to stage ghost scenes. Any of you Denver-based hearse collectors might want to get involved especially if you have a casket. The model should have a workable wardrobe.

Mondo model Brandy demonstrates the ghost thing. It can also work with older fashions.
The nude goddess version of ghost imagery requires a figure model to pose nude in assorted and secluded areas of a quiet cemetery. This may be assisted by posting a lookout and keeping a dress wrap at quick reach. The model may be posed to give the appearance of a ghost running like a transparent spirit wearing muslin veils. Minimal or near maximum nudity may suffice. It is best to do a ghost shoot in a variety of ways and then pick the best results. The objective here is to create something ethereal and beautiful.

We are Not Just Great Goths
We love goth only in its deepest and most meaningful forms. But Mondo Models is intended to be more than a goth centered project. Our 2004 shoot of August and Pandora Rose embodies an astonishing aesthetic level that we prefer. They are simply talented models who are also creative with their wardrobes. Otherwise, the goth scene has many tragedies and one of them is fashion. Most goth outfits look like they were mass produced for K-Mart. Other goths achieve a degree of high style. But these styles often have nothing to do with the deeper meaning of goth as an art genre of surrealism and romanticism. Mondo Models is not searching for anything common in goth. We want to portray the rich deeper beauty of goth. If you feel that you embody the deeper beauty of the undead, then please let us know.

Aesthetic Art Erotica
We are seeking specific kinds of nude and semi-nude models who have an interest in being portrayed with exquisite aesthetic value in stunning artful compositions that will go beyond the earliest nude images in our portfolios. This endeavor is described on the Risqué Mods page

Surrealist Variety
We are on the lookout for models with extremely unusual visual talent, unusual bodies and really original wardrobes. In the historical context, people with severely unusual bodies had no place to go except the carnivals where they became family. Mondo Models is not necessarily seeking wierd bodies without talent. But one thing we are looking for is talented renegades. Therefore if you know a midget who wears tuxedos or a fat lady who sings, we will consider your proposal.

Ultimately, the central goal of Mondo Models is to build a sort of surrealist village of the modeling world. We don't automatically call something cool just because it appears freaky. This project is not so much about being wierd, it's about proving how wierd it is not to be wierd. If you want to see what might possibly interest us, watch a film by Federico Fellini or Stanley Kubrick (Clockwork Orange). We are not overly concerned with trends in underground clubwear. We want exciting style outlaws, people who break the rules of style more uniquely.

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