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Free portfolios for those who break the mold!

At Mondo it's about surrealist dreams, art crimes and thought crimes. It's about misfits, outsiders and artistic dreamers ignored by the talent profession. It's about artistic identity in a boring Madison Avenue world! We're going to build a defiant new talent industry. It's about time!

If you want to model, please look over the web site before you contact Mondo Models. Read the FAQs page (frequently asked questions) for lots of basic details. Read the Prototypes page for an outline of the types of models Agent Mondo is looking for. Look at the Portfolios pages to see our first models, especially those on the top row. The more you look at our web site the more you will know if this is for you. If you want to be a conventional Madison Avenue model this may or may not be the place for you. (We will do both counterculture and classic models). But if you happen to be an artistic amateur or professional model with visual talent, then this is the one place that's ideal for you. Mondo is about art, surrealism, misfits, minorities and other people that are sometimes not a good fit with conventional modeling agencies. Many of our models will be totally extreme. Some will be a bit mainstream. We are going way beyond "alternative."

Mondo Models does not charge for portfolios and we do not pay models. What this is about is building a modeling catalog where each model can have a permanent or long term portfolio free of charge if you have the type of modeling ability suitable for Mondo Models. Having a portfolio can get you modeling assignments on your own if you refer people to your Mondo Models portfolio. Okay, granted, Mondo Models is still small and unproven. But it's the hottest concept in the region and it's going to get a lot hotter. I'm not sure if I ever want this to become a commercial modeling agency. But once it gets rolling, it may become a very specialized catalog of talent.

Eventually, when we have about fifty model portfolios, the Mondo Models web site will probably be a magnet for people who are looking to hire counterculture and unusual models for assignments.

A Mondo portfolio can be a way for models to advertise their talents to others:

  • fashion shoots
  • commercial ads
  • photo art
  • art modeling

Becoming a Mondo Model

  • After you examine the web site, you should email Mondo Models with a brief intro and preferably a couple of photos that would help Agent Mondo to make a preliminary judgement. Please provide a callback phone number.

  • Once you speak to Agent Mondo on the phone, an appointment can be set. Unlike other agencies, Mondo models can be ugly or beautiful but regardless, you must have noteworthy visual talent. Looks help, but visual talent is given preference over looks alone;

  • Any prospective model who chooses to be a Mondo Model and is accepted will have a photo portfolio constructed personally by Agent Mondo. The model can also look over some of Agent Mondo's personal private collection of images along with scrapbooks containing the world's most surreal and bizarre photos by famous photographers from Helmut Newton to David La Chapelle and many others.

  • Each prospective Mondo model must submit to an initial photo shoot. Agent Mondo then personally sorts out the best of these shots and uses them, with your permission, in your portfolio. This photo shoot may occur in Agent Mondo's home studio in Denver using a professional studio lighting setup and an assortment of curtain backdrops. Other photo shoots may occur on locations around Denver;

  • High quality digital photographic images are digitally processed in Photoshop for ideal light balance, cropping, environmental touch-ups and occasional art treatments. But actual model appearance is rendered truthfully although Mondo endeavors to weed out bad photos. Each model is given initial editorial control by being permitted to decline usage of photos that are not suitable to model preference.

  • Any model may be provided a CD ROM of her/his own images upon request periodically. A typical model portfolio on the Mondo Models web site will consist of one page with ten small images. Most images will have enlargements. Exceptional or repeat models may be permitted to have larger portfolios containing any number of images;

  • Agent Mondo has decades of experience in many types of freelance photography as well as background in visual studies, education and self employment;

  • Each model will be treated with respect. Photo rights are not sold or transferered to any third party without model permission. Models may define photo sale boundaries on a model release. The primary purpose of Mondo model images is to promote the model and also to promote Mondo Models. Commercial possibilities are kept in mind only after promotional usage and with approval of each model.

Mondo Models is not intended to be merely a ragtag collection of misfit models. It aspires to be a most unusual and artistic undertaking that will undergo constant refinements. Have faith in the Mondo mission. Be one of the first fifty models to become a Mondo model.

Introduce yourself!

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