Philosophy and Themes

Thematic Focus
Our central theme at Mondo will be rebellion, both hard and soft. Mondo Models will venture toward surrealism, fantasy, fairy tale, futurism, retro and other dreamlike and real environments. Our images will capture the fleeting moment of the hidden disobedient artist and citizen. We shall aspire to lay new ground in the tradition of Federico Felini, Antonin Artaud, Stanley Kubrick, David Bowie, Jean Genet, William Burroughs, The Marquis de Sade, Annie Lenox, Andy Warhol, Gypsy Rose Lee, Betty Page, assorted heros and antiheros. We will touch upon many existing past, present and future artistic avenues including psychedelia, mod, punk, pop art, fetish, cyber, drag, goth culture, fashion-free (nudist), found objects, burlap and "third world" wretchedness. We will thus endeavor to deal with everything from cutting edge haute couterie to filthy poverty where manufactured fashion cannot be afforded. But our main focus will be the independent artist and designer. Occasionally we may also produce boudoir images where lingerie is the main prop used in unconventional manner. Essentially Mondo Models will aspire to go far beyond the boredom of conventional fashion and lifestyle images and break new ground where cutting edge human catalogs and agencies have already gone. Mondo will strive to depict philosophical ideologies of artistic freedom and rebellion as they appear in lifestyle and fashion, especially in underground environments and private worlds of the human imagination, the psyche and even the subconscious.

Shock Treatment:
Mondo Models will endeavor to produce and display images that are both shocking and controversal so that said images may raise social awareness regarding odd and bizarre experiences of human identity, unseen suffering, rebellion, and much else. Shock value is a legitimate tool in artistic production when combined with a socially useful revelation or message that endears human introspection and deeper thought. We may for instance, depict criminal and delinquent attitudes, scenes of real or staged death, drug addiction, hate, prejudice, class friction, snobbery, homelessness, wretchedness and much else that Madison Avenue avoids.

Prude armchair critics have long assaulted counter-culture artists and rockers with accusations that we are attempting to bring down civilization and corrupt the morals of upstanding citizens. I suspect that cutting edge artists and philosophers often fail to find any morals among so called "upstanding citizens". Mick Jagger said "All the cops are criminals and all the criminals saints". Dylan said it in different words. Social falsehood will always be a huge target theme in the avant guarde. It will be a central target of Mondo Models. To be clear, Mondo Models has altruistic and saintly reasons for producing and depicting shocking images. There is in all of the social underworld and the human underdog, a sense of orchestrated repression from other classes, authority, and the brutal human politik. There is a need to be naked and primitive within the suffocating infrastructure of civil order.

The Erotic Politik
The Mondo Models web site will display nude images as a portion of our content, especially where such images may experiment with or challenge society's trends and social conventions or portray situations that may be beautiful, romantic or irreverently artistic. We will do nude art models, pinup models and fetish models. Mondo Models may produce model images that are sensibly erotic. However, in general we will avoid the production and usage of any images that are pornographic since we have no artistic interest in the garbage of porn. In most instances our usage of nudity is either about beauty or about sexuality in society and rarely about sexual titilation alone, although we will have both. To be clear, most portrayals of sexuality in Mondo Models web pages will consist of clean sensible erotica and would never be truly pornographic since porn is pretty much a primative private thing and not worthy of our art-obsessed standards. As a general guideline we will show pretty much anything but genitals, at least not in closeup or lurid manner. This is neither a pornographic web site nor a puritanical web site. It is certainly not an "adult" web site in the common sense although it may contain adult age themes presented at a reasonably moderated level suitable for most adult viewers and most counterculture audiences.

photo: Agent Mondo
Cruelty Free
Mondo Models will attempt to devote some attention toward the plight of animals in their heavy exploitation by the fashion and modelling industry. Most of our models may not be vegetarians or abstainers from fur and leather. And we may display our models wearing these atrocities. However, we will not do fashion shoots focused on leather or fur. As a small part of our theme collection, Mondo Models shall aspire to periodically feature images promoting nonleather alternatives and fake fur.

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