Mondo Models is ultimately the web site and model catalog that must always be developed anew. This project is a service providing visibility to those who have modeled in exchange for making the photography itself more visible as as a branded entity.
Mondo Development Plans
The Current Scheme of Things

Mondo Models will add new and better portfolios to the web site as time passes. Ideally, Mondo Models aspires to be a small but exquisite nexus of sought-after models and photographic service. The models get this service for free.

New Models
We've been receiving a lot of inquiries from interested models in Colorado (and elsewhere). As the Mondo momentum gathers, we expect that people will notice an increasing quality and quantity of model images on our web site. This in turn is likely to bring us a lot more of the better models who want to be part of the project.

New Gear
Agent Mondo plans to upgrade photo gear and support gear this year. We will be using a better digital camera and maximum capapcity storage cards enabling more efficient and professional quality photo shoots with almost no limitations on the quantity of raw images we can shoot. We should also be using better lighting schemes and remote activated flashes. Some shoots will allow us to use studio soft lighting outdoors after we purchase a generator.
And we may buy a low priced human slave to assist photo sessions.

New York
Mondo Models is still based in Denver. But Agent Mondo is hoping to be making a first-ever exploration of New York sometime later this year. This should become at least an annual trend. And hopefully, these trips will begin to last two to four weeks per visit. If all works out, we may be able to work with any New York models who express interest in advance. Otherwise, the trips will be used to explore New York as a future base to work with New York models on longer stays. The Mondo project may move to New York someday if there is a practical way to live in this expensive city. Or we might just move there for one year to get our New York initiation. The key to being based in New York will be for Agent Mondo to develop sufficient photography income to justify living there. And meticulous preparations from Denver. We don't plan to give up Colorado soon if ever.

New Artistic & Tech Standards
As time goes on, Mondo Models plans to become a bit more technical and refined in our photo sessions. This begins with new gear. But it may also involve collaberations with people in related trades.

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