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The new Mondo Models model portfolio is now being built at: Flickr.com/MondoModels  

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Pandora Rose
& August Rose

Love Theater
Fantasy model
Violetta Valentina
Classic Beauty

Tamara L
Figure Model
Ray Eerie.
Film Aspirant
Sensual Model
Art Nude
& Fetish
Fashion Model
Sid Pink
Simone W.
Natalie W.
Style Model

Alexandra W.
Kasey B
Fresh Face
Grunge Model
Holly S.
Casey D.
Maris the Great
Local Monster

Iguana Test

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Most of the model images are shot personally by Agent Mondo. Some photos were originally provided by the respective models when site was launched. We hope to have a hundred or more portfolios eventually.

We are searching for unusual, counterculture and classic models, both amateur and professional. No exclusive contract required. All photography and portfolio work is done free of charge. Contact us using our eMail page. Please see our page "Prepare to Be Shot" for tips.

Direct Modeling: Mondo Models has been getting lots of out-of-state inquiries from glamorous fetish models from places like Los Angeles and Europe. We do not host portfolios for aliens unless they visit and model directly. Mondo Models is holding out for truly talented prospects who can model for Agent Mondo's camera here in Denver in exchange free online portfolios. Does not matter where you live but you need to model directly for Mondo Models at this point to have a portfolio.

The Portfolio Process: It has taken some time to devise a systematic approach to building portfolios. Typically an initial shoot consists of 150 to 500 pictures. In one recent case Agent Mondo did six hunded shots of a model in a two hour shoot and saved 149 shots. Each photo is rated q1, q2 or q3 meaning quality one, two or three respectively. Roughly 25% of the photos from a shoot may be saved. Each "quality one" photo is then further rated q1a, q1b or q1c. The model will get a free CD that may contain a ton of great model quality shots. Of the q1a photos only a maximum of ten are typically selected for a portfolio on the MondoModels.com web site although we may allow twenty photos for exceptional models once we gather momentum. Given that Agent Mondo is a diverse photographer now shooting thousands of pictures monthly and has a busy schedule, the portfolio process can take a while. Over a period of weeks the photos are repeatedly revisited, retouched, and rated. Agent Mondo is now shooting professional digital at higher resolution. This combined with evolving experience shooting models means that recent photos to be shown here soon will be much better quality than some of those in older Mondo portfolios above. (All or most of the photos of Sid, Holly, Alexandra and Casey D. were provided by the respective models in 2003. Nearly all other model images where shot by Agent Mondo.) In most cases only images shot by Mondo Models are used for portfolios.

Mondo Models begins small but ultimately we hope to have at least a hundred talent portfolios. As we achieve initial momentum, we plan to continuously upgrade and diversify our talent roster. Agent Mondo will personally photograph each model in a custom photo session planned with the model. The best of these photos will be used to construct a portfolio for the model. Each portfolio will have at least one page. In the case of exceptional or longstanding models, we may eventually create more pages. Each portfolio will contain at least a few quality photos or preferably about ten select photos per model.

In a typical photo session, Agent Mondo likes to shoot anywhere from 150 to five hundred photos depending on the model and the environment. Agent Mondo likes to shoot model photographs outdoors, in nature, in gardens, in industrial settings, in distinctive architectural settings, in cemeteries, urban infrastructure and many other types of environments, depending on the type of model.

Ultimately, each portfolio on this web site will have statements by the model to reveal aspirations, talents, likes and dislikes, aesthetic values and artistic or personal philosophy. Models need not be perfect. But every model must have something special. Almost any model agency will select models based on physical looks and catwalk skills. But at Mondo Models the focus is more on visual talent, style eccentricity, and photogenic talent. Visual talent can include modeling ability, makeup skills, acting, body language and facial expression.

Mondo Models is not dedicated so much to any clique or the "cool" world of subculture alone. We are in fact dedicated to the cutting edge fringes of pluralistic global society from the misfits of counterculture to the far reaches of every land. But we have to start somewhere. As Mondo Models grows you will begin to see what me mean..... visually. This will be a surrealist world, a dream true to life.

Stay tuned!

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