Scenes & Props
For Models

Particluar types of scenes and props are sometimes useful for modeling. These may include anything that adds to the dynamic of the model images by helping to show a kind of mood or character. Following are a few scene and prop ideas:

  • unusual vehicles - Vintage hot rods, old sedans, country pickups, collectible vehicles from the 1920s to 1960s, super-tiny foreign cars, semi-tractors and trailers, farm tractors and big hog motorcycles can all be used as props in the right situations;

  • vintage bicycles - These are especially useful for retro or pinup modeling;

  • telephones - An old 1940s vintage dial phone can be a cool prop. Mondo Models has one on hand;

  • unusual doorways - Some doorways on old churches, industrial buildings or other buildings can be good backgrounds to shoot a model;

  • staircases and fire escapes - Good staircases can be a plus for glamor and dramatic models, film noire models or almost any other kind of models. They can be found in old hotels and churches. Some of the better staircases are spiral or have ornate cast iron railings. Fire escapes can be good for shooting rock and punk models.;

  • abandoned buildings - Old industrial buildings and warehouses are especially good places to shoot models as long as they are reasonably safe;

  • industrial controls - Large industrial control tables or walls covered with industrial controls are sometimes hard to find. They can be great for fetish or pinup models, rock or punk models. Up until recently you could find rooms full of these at the old abandoned Denver sewage treatment plant until the large property was redeveloped;

  • garden hoses - On hot sunny days a bathing suit or pinup model can hold a garden hose with water coming out or play in the spray. This gives a clean refreshing feeling to the viewer;

  • old appliances - Vintage television sets, radios, toasters, blenders, irons and ironing boards and many other things can be used to convey an old time scene or retro environment;

  • step ladders - These can be useful for pinup models;

  • designer and retro furniture - Good models usually look better when sitting on great furniture;

  • furniture stores - A small vintage furniture store with hot furniture pieces may sometimes be willing to allow model photography in exchange for mention of their store. Also occasionally a large furniture dealer with high quality display environments may have hidden areas where a model can be shot in near total privacy briefly (with or without permission). This may require the use of a couple of compact portable lights and possibly an assistant;

  • bed, bath & boudoir - Old clawfoot bathtubs can be great for pinup model work. Nice baths and boudoirs are also good for this;

  • mirrors - Good mirrors can add to a modeling environment. Some of the best mirrors are small ornate brass framed wall mirrors. Large mirrors have a variety of uses;

  • elevators - Certain hotels and buildings have unusual elevators. One that Agent Mondo has used has mirror walls on opposite sides. This allows a model to cast endless reflections. Elevator control panels can be an interesting backdrop. An elevator can add a sense of mystery or excitement to a model whether it is old and ornate or modern;

  • tombstones and mausoleums - Goth models are always using these to convey our connection to the hereafter. The ideal mausoleum may have an inviting or spooky doorway that may look like a home. If it has a wrought iron bench and/or a small porch, this can be especially useful;

  • trash cans - There's nothing like a shiny metal trash can containing the upside down (living) body of a man who was just dumped by his girlfriend (or dominatrix);

  • umbrellas and parasols - These can accent any female or male model in the right situation. They are especially good for high fashion female models and aspiring geisha girls;

  • food - Bananas, fruit, hot tea, cold milk shakes, popsickles, soda in vintage bottle with straw and many other foods can give a model some added dynamic;

  • sewers & manhole covers - In the 1970s many guerilla subculture magazines would photograph a subject peeking out of a street sewer from under a manhole cover. This style of photography became a symbol of the underground. But it's generally difficult to find a safe manhole. There may be some that are shallow if they are located on private abandoned or industrial property;

  • unusual pets - A boa constrictor, small ornate poodle, vicious looking doberman or good looking cat can add character to certain kinds of models;

  • guns - Hollywood film posters typically show a male actor pointing a gun at the viewer. This common use of a gun is intended to freeze the attention of the viewer by suggesting danger. Often it just suggests another Hollywood action picture. But when a model points a gun at the viewer it tends to make you ask "Who is this film star?. If the model is female or a midget or a street tough, the gun may project an entirely different meaning;

  • rooftops and balconies - A flat rooftop can be good for almost any kind of modeling especially if it has an old appearance, water tower, old or broken windows, old style skylights and a nice surrounding skyline;

  • railroad tracks and trains - Train cars are frequently parked along tracks. Train engines, railroad cars, rails, railroad signs and railroad trestles can all be used for modeling male or female models. Discretion advised;

  • chains - Heavy chains can be used in photography of fetish models, rock models, punk models and pinups;

  • reading material - A mod or gentleman fashion model can look more refined standing and reading a paper. A pinup model can look more sexy if she is reading a book or magazine;

  • goo and mud - These messy substances can be used in creative ways to depict a mud fight between two bad girls or to show a pinup doll in a mess of mud on the farm. Then of course there is female mud wrestling;

  • waterfalls - Good for swimsuit models, photo art erotica or a model with yellow raincoat and umbrella;

  • letter - A female or male model can be shown reading a letter with a distressed or other look on her/his face.

We may have illustrations for props and scenes later.

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