Prepare to be Shot!
How to be ready and work the camera

These are some things you can do to maximize your photogenic potential in a photo shoot. Agent Mondo has shot lots of amateurs and quite a few celebrities. Many things can make a good model look bad or a bad model look good. The ideal photo shoot involves a good environment, reasonable lighting or good natural light, body and fashion considerations, good mood, alertness, good communication between model and photographer and much more.

  • Move your crazy body: Limber up before a photo shoot. Movement benefits the mind at least as much as the body. Do some serious stretching when you wake up and once or twice during the day.

  • Take a long bath or shower: Water is the ultimate cosmetic. Make love to it before a photo shoot. It opens the pores, brings skin to life, makes flesh and faces fresh, makes a geezer look like a punker, gives a homely girl or boy a bit more beauty.

  • Make love to a mirror: Experiment and you might eventually surprise yourself. Imagine that you are in front of a camera. How would you work it? What poses seem to work best for you? Make faces. See what face strikes you the most. Incidentally many stars worked the mirror before they ever went in front of a camera.

  • Find your ability: Be the character you perceive inside. Be in control. Don't even think about modeling as passing a screentest. Just deliver what you are. And if you ain't then maybe you will be later. Just about every person has some dormant ability to be a star but only a few have good reason to be one. They love to shine a light for others to see in the dark of night.

  • Get to know who you work with: Each photographer, prospective client or ultimate consumer of your image has philosophies, boundaries and methods of production regardless of how small or sophisticated. Typically a modeling session can run from two to eight hours. It can involve a lot of experimentation or fast paced shooting. Therefore, whether you are modelling for a Mondo portfolio or an actual assignment, you will develop a sense of familiarity with anyone who shoots you. At that point, both model and photographer have a vital communication that often allows ideas to flow and become reality.

  • Get some good sleep: Being well rested can optimize modeling ability by virtue of making you feel more alive, aware, in control, and optimistic.

  • Cultivate a portfolio at home: A little narcicism can be useful. Collect pictures of yourself as a way to get to know your hits and misses.

  • Develop your own glam routine: I've seen some quite ordinary and dull looking people exhibit compelling glamour simply because they overcame their handicap by learning the best ways to present themselves in terms of makeup, hair and wardrobe. If you have a glam routine that is not working, start trying new things.

  • Stop killing fags: Smoking is one of the best ways to turn a beautiful face and body ugly. It destroys your complexion, ruins your chest lines (female or male) and gives you ashtray breath. Smoking also reduces your natural ability to flex and move in front of a camera. So if you won't stop, by all means cut back.

  • Get lots of fresh air: Modeling is an exercize in communication that requires a projection of mood and awareness. If you are about to head out for a modelling gig, step outside and soak up some outdoor air after your bath.

  • Know your wardrobe: Mondo Models generally does not supply wardrobes for models whose portfolios are being initiated. Therefore, it helps if you have at least one favorite set of clothing to wear that you think might relate to Mondo themes.

  • Bring anything useful: If you have any props, fashion accessories or extra sets of wearables, see about bringing them along. Props can be almost anything from an umbrella to a pet boa constrictor or a book. Start keeping a list of anything you think might serve as a prop.

  • Arrive sober: The optimum model has a clear head and never pukes on the camera.

  • Be original: Don't depend on looking like some famous person unless you want a tenuous career as a double and have no hopes of rising to your own fame.

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