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Ray is an obsessive student of counter-culture. He reads scores of books on art criminals, procures cutting edge music and studies unusual films going back to Fritz Lang in the 20s. Recently his image was used in a shampoo print ad. Currently he works in one of metro Denver's most eclectic record stores. He has also worked at Mayan Theater, Denver's leading art house. In the past he has done amateur fashion modelling for Fashion Disaster and other local boutiques. He has acted in local plays and performance art. Around 1996 he provided the seed concept for an eccentric vampire story being written by Agent Mondo. Ray hails from Lorraine, Ohio on Lake Erie near Cleveland but has lived in Colorado much of his life so far.

Modeling Preferences:
screen acting or extra
fashion print ads

Height: 6-2
Hair: brown
Eyes blue:

The images above and left were shot by Mondo Models. The pancake face image and the train-driving image are from 2004. The other three photos in this set were shot by Agent Mondo long before Mondo Models was started.
The following seven submitted images had to be digitally enlarged from contact sheet as Ray could not locate the print enlargements. They were photographed by...

Natascha Seideneck <NataschaSeideneck.com>

Dates of all combined images range from 1991 to 2004. We have photos from another Ray Eerie shoot on file and may add some or switch out some of these in the near future. More images of Ray can be found in the Groups portfolio.
(As a general rule we do our own photography but may make occasional exception by hosting a few works of other photographers who are in the inner Mondo sphere.)

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