"I think Simone is a.... Supermodel
You have no idea how
Beautiful beauty can be"
-- Agent Mondo
Simone W., Timeless Beauty - pg.1
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Model Info:
Simone is partly of Scandinavian descent and lives in Akron, Ohio. She is a Kent State A student who plans to be an English teacher. But we think Simone is due for immediate high paying model assignments in fashion print and photography. Just look at that face... and that smile!
Simone has a rare effervescent and genuine personality. She hails from Minnesota and enjoys listening to classic old Brit rock including early Kinks.

Mondo Models will be happy to notify Simone of any legit proposals or paying offers from a worthy model agency, fashion concern, magazine or photographer.
Just contact Mondo Models.

footnote: Agent Mondo photographed Simone for a couple of hours on Monday February 13, 2006 along an old industrial segment of the Ohio Canal and at the front porch of the Hower mansion built by the Quaker Oats cereal baron. The indoor images are from other days. More Simone photos coming here soon.
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