Alert: The Mondo studio and garden below was part of Agent Mondo's previous apartment in Denver until November, 2004. But other garden environments like Denver Botanical Gardens may be used for model photography. Disregard the text below. The Garden page is being kept online only to suggest garden themes.
Photo Studios
Indoor and Garden
Mondo Models photography is done personally by Agent Mondo on locations around Denver and in Agent Mondo's home. The home studio consists of model lighting and interchangeable curtain backdrops. Mondo also has a private garden studio. The garden studio has an ornate cast iron bench and is walled with custom made ten foot high trellises made from a huge quantity of sticks. Agent Mondo spent months constructing this botanical work of art in the Summer of 2002. As the warm season progresses each year, the trellises are being invaded by more vines. Eventually the overhead stick canopies may also be covered by vines. Morning glory vines will cover the trellises as well. Assorted greens and flowers are planted everywhere. Each flower variety blooms at a different stage of the season. The garden studio is surrounded on three sides by a building providing red brick backgrounds on two sides. This is an ideal place to do initial model photography.
The indoor studio is a bit small but affords the ability to position lighting on a model with curtain backgrounds of black, blue, red or purple velvet, or silver or muslin. Agent Mondo is working on a plan to improve the home studio. Dedicated models who contiunue to model will have the option to extend their portfolios with work done on outdoor and indoor locations around Denver. But most models will start at the Mondo home and garden studio.

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All photos by Agent Mondo 2003/2002.

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