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Model Search: Mondo Models is the Rocky Mountain region's first counterculture talent catalog.
We are creating FREE image portfolios for those who break the mold.
We are happy to work with select aspiring models seeking a talented hard working photographer.

Where to See Our Model Images Besides this Website
The new Mondo Models model portfolio is now being built at: Flickr.com/MondoModels  

We will be using social media to promote our model images more heavily, starting in the 2017 new year, mainly on Flickr and soon on Pinterest. We will keep our existing model photo samples on this website, but our main collection of model portfolios will be updated mostly on Flickr and then other social media. From now on, whenever we accept a model and do a successful test shoot, their best images will go directly to the Mondo Model portfolio on Flickr first. Each qualified model will get their own album and their images will become open to viewer ranking and comments, offering slide show viewing, etc. Our social media objective will be to promote visibility of our models and the Mondo Models project in connection with local and global people sharing similar interests.

If You Want to Model
Our photographer Agent Mondo, is available in the Denver metro area with occasional travels to Paris France and other places.  If you want to be a model and feel you have some talent, please look through our website and then hit the 'Contact' page for our email address. Send us a photo or two. If you have what we are looking for, we will do a photo shoot, usually at a mutually selected on-site location. We prefer models of adult age (18+) with ID. All models who sign a model release are given duplicate copies of their model images usually at no charge.

What do you get and what do we get out of all this? We usually don't have any way to make much if any money by shooting your pictures, even if they are hot. If you are a talented aspiring model, then you get the hard working and talented devotion of our photographer Agent Mondo who helps models to establish hot portfolios. In most cases, if a model is worth the time, Agent Mondo will devote multiple hours to the initial test shoot. This can result in hundreds of pictures. Imagine if just ten or twenty of those images turn out to be gems that you might treasure for a lifetime. Good high quality images and an online portfolio can open doorways for an aspiring model to find paying assignments. But you can also model even if you just want some hot pics of yourself to share with friends. Essentially Mondo Models is a two way street. We work with you to promote you and the Mondo Models project in tandem. But we are NOT a contractual representation agency. You are still free to work for whoever you please.

Mondo Model:
Heather Honey.

What's New in 2017
Mondo Models is finally in a revival stage after a popular but difficult start numerous years ago. In 2017, the use of Flickr and other social media will allow us a better way to provide model visibility because sites like Flickr offer the ability to view pictures better with viewer ranking, magnification, slide shows, favorites, linking and so much more. But for Mondo Models, social media like Flickr is a Godsend because it's much easier to get a new model portfolio online so much faster.

Other Improvements
Since 2015, Agent Mondo has invested a small fortune in new photography equipment. This includes a top of the line new DSLR camera in late 2016 and many new fine prime and telephoto lenses. More importantly, Agent Mondo has had some rare compositional skills in photography for decades, otherwise known as 'the eye'. And Agent Mondo has been using Photoshop to adjust  pictures for 25 years. But more recently, Agent Mondo has upgraded his post production skills, especially with regard to optimizing raw image format photos in Photoshop and Lightroom apps.

Be sure to see the
Rose portfolio..

Heather Honey
& Ray Eerie

Want to Model in Paris?
In the Spring of 2017, photographer Agent Mondo hopes to make his second three month journey to France including two months in Paris in April and May to do street photography. Although the journey is personal and not about models per se, Agent Mondo would be happy to work with one of two mold-breaking models who are willing to model boldly or in radically artistic ways. If you plan to be in Paris in the spring of 2017 and want to model, please get in touch ASAP.

Mondo Model Simone

Mondo Manifesto
The mission of Mondo Models is far more than "alternative" and not just a new adventure into being "cool". Mondo Models was born specifically to remedy the prejudices of
consumer culture by presenting models who defiantly break taboos in art, fashion, sexuality, physical prototypes, ethnicity and economic status, especially in art environments. Agent Mondo, a longtime prolific photographer, film aspirant, online arts publisher and literary writer, created Mondo Models to foist confrontational surrealism upon the bourgeois. It is both an act of defiance and a clear call to revolutionary change in the relationship between artistic model/acting talent and patrons.

It is largely the connection between money and art that has long pigeonholed both mainstream and alternative fashions, human images, film and lifestyle into convenient commercial formats. By the 1990s the Madison Avenue prototype, meaning the mainstream in cultural commerce, had become so institutionalized along with consumer approval and apathy, that it imposed upon us a lifestyle based on conspicious consumption and class warfare and not based upon true art. The revolution against this machine began long ago.

Today in places like New York there is an underground art/fashion/lifestyle movement so diverse that it begins to break apart not only the mainstream but also throws out much of what we call alternative. Counterculture by and large outside of New York, Berlin,, London, Amsterdam and parts of Los Angeles, is really a process of buying "uniforms" (fashions and records) connoting membership in the underground. But while the poseur masses of every subculture are controlled by money, the real core of the underground is driven by small  scale radical artistic vision that replicates on a large scale. If it were not for the "art criminals" who drive this process, alternative lifestyles would be even more boring and meaningless than they certainly are today. The mission of Mondo Models is to accelerate this process here in the outback hinterlands of Denver, Colorado by promoting appropriate model and acting talent.

Behind Mondo Models, a set of themes will evolve representing a new dynamic in the way that human identity confronts social order through art, fashion, independent film and lifestyle. Mondo is not so much about being cool when you consider the fact that some of our sought-after models may be as old as 95. Think about it, how will you be "cool" if you are lucky enough to grow very old? I can assure you there are many cool old folks whose artistic, literary or other works are very important to the heart of subculture identity. There is probably not a single current underground movement of any kind that does not trace back generations to previous underground revolutionaries. And quite frankly, Agent Mondo is quite offended at how boring and stifled and apathetic things are within much of today's art counterculture, especially here in the hinterlands.

I recognize that young people have hedonism, new forms of clubbing and wild things on the Net. Yet much of television, radio and print advertising is still glued to convenient prototypes that maintain a fuzzy status quo with the cultural corporate mainstream. New fashion independents, new forms of music distribution and personal publishing, and new affordable independent film technology are the primary hopes of many underground movements. Yet even with all our new diversity, human identity is at war with human identity. Culture clash is everywhere. And this is no less so in the so-called underground. In reality, there is no absolute cure for culture clash. But it will be the mission of Mondo Models to promote aspiring models, actors and other talents who crack open the minds of today's blind culture consumers by breaking all unreasonable taboos.

In that vein, let it be said that Mondo Models will specialize in Madison Avenue rejects and cutting edge avant garde talent as well as those who exhibit classic standards of beauty. Models will include Celtic fair maidens, retro, flappers, limey mods, culture trash, psychedelic, pop art, fetish, cyber-punk, fantasy, vaudeville, industrial, bizarre, surrealists, mammary-challenged toothpicks, sumo-models, tattoo-covered bikers, and authentic punk rockers.

Mondo Models will also feature goths and gravediggers, circus types, Black people, interracial couples, minorities ignored by mainstream catalogs, geriatric folks, homely girls, gender rebels, drag kings & queens, , scary dominatrices, peasant fashionistas, accident victims, mutants, people with major birth defects, missing limbs, eyes, stretch marks, surgically scarred human beings, art criminals and political pinkos. We mention these proposed prototypes not as freaks but rather as valid human identities who are blatantly betrayed by Madison Avenue as well as by much of apathetic and divisive counterculture. Mondo Models will be an artistic tour de force of revolutionary proportions in service to our models.

Mondo Models, in Denver, is the region’s first online catalog dedicated to a diversity of subculture talent beyond the white bread underground. Prospective models are encouraged to browse our web site, then submit an email with recent photos for examination. Models will be selected more on “visual talent” than on physical looks alone. Most of the model industry is out touch with the art underground as well as ordinary humanity. The Mondo mission is to promote new models to counterculture advertisers, film crews, fashion creators and commercial photographers. A quality online portfolio will be constructed FREE of charge for each model by longtime photographer Agent Mondo. Make history! Be a Mondo Model!

Agent Mondo Meet Agent Mondo
Have a peek at the quiet man behind Mondo Models as he talks about his own private dreams and aspirations, his quest to be a literary figure, filmmaker and playright having long been a photographer, prolific archivist and writer.

Local Models Wanted - Free Portfolios
Mondo Models is offering to develop free portfolios for select amateur and professional models who fit any of our theme standards. If you are the kind of model we are looking for, we will provide a free two to four hour photo session. Once we get rolling we expect we may receive our first requests for fashion models, photo models, actors, and film extras. Local fashion photo shoots, hair salons, public relations firms, small film companies, and theatrical companies all have a periodic need for unusual models. The Mondo Models catalog will gradually grow and become unique in its artistic specialty. Mondo will not become an authentic agency right away. But we will develop the ultimate menu of unconventional models. We will charge no fees from models nor offer pay. But we will be happy to connect you with people who hire models and may pay you as they begin to prefer our collection of models. Mondo is not requiring contracts or exclusives. We are primarily a model resource in development.

If you think you have the stuff to be a Mondo Model, please send us an email with your introduction and any credits, a phone number and a photo.

What's to Come
As the Mondo Models web site grows, you will gradually see a delightful collection of unusual amateurs who have suffered the pains of obscurity and geographical isolation far too long.

Our web site will slowly become a visual feast, a sometimes surreal world, an entertaining and useful catalog of human oddities. In this Libertine environment, I have faith that only prudes will be bored, as well they should be.

Mondo Models is about art, it's about fun, about dreams and dreamers. We're going to make some of our dreams and yours come true.

- Agent Mondo

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